Another year, another Pat Robertson ‘prophecy’

Mr. Robertson sure has a flair for the dramatic. I don’t know if he fashions himself a modern day Jeremiah (perhaps Isaiah) but he does like making his predictions. This year it’s a terrorist attack on U.S. soil resulting in many deaths. He claims these predictions are from God and they very well might be except for one thing: they don’t come true.

Example: After the tsunami that rocked Southeast Asia, Pat predicted (b/c God told him of course) that a similar calamity would strike the US coastline in 2006. Well it didn’t happen, so either God didn’t tell Robertson anything, Robertson misunderstood what God said, or God lied. Well we know that God doesn’t lie (In the words of the Apostle Paul, “let God be found true, though every man a liar”), so therefore Pat is a false prophet and not to be taken seriously.

We could have a terrorist attack in the U.S. this year who knows? It’s not a crazy notion given the current world situation. Would Pat have predicted this pre-9/11? Probably not.

I think I’ll listen to one of God’s real prophets, Moses, and what he has to say about false prophets.

13 Responses to Another year, another Pat Robertson ‘prophecy’

  1. carol says:

    It is sad to hear someone like Pat Robertson has been wrong on so many prophecies. According to the Bible I guess I have to consider him a false prophet. I have enjoyed the news and stories told on the 700 club, and I think I agree with most of his teachings. But I also agree with many of the little articles written in the Jehovah Witness magazine, but totally disagree with their basic teaching about salvation. If I do listen to Pat again, it will be in a different light. I use to like Jimmy Swaggart but thankfully my trust is not in a man, but in God.

  2. Ken says:

    Well, sometimes God gives prophecy to people to warn them of impending judgement so that they will repent and turn from their wickedness and then God will relent from sending calamity.(Read the book of Joel).I am not trying to say Pat Robertson prophecy is true (because he can make a mistake after all he is a man-flesh and blood) but at the same time, you cant overlook whatever he is saying. Maybe the past prophecy of calamity prompted some women and men of God to pray and interceed for America and stand the Gap of the Nation and thus God relented. God is a merciful God and the last thing he wants is to send judgment to people.Its his last option which he takes if people refuse to repent of their ways or there is no one to stand in their gap.Be carefull when judging a man of God because its only to his Master (God) he stands or fall Romans 14:4

  3. Laz says:

    Ken, are you serious?

  4. J W says:

    Robertson is a buffoon,but even a blind sow can find an acorn now and then. This Nation,totally corrupt,had best hope he is wrong. If not,there won’t be much laughing going on.

  5. rojer says:

    pat robertson at the most need to be considered only as a minor prophet.remember there were many prophets in israel at the time of elijah who were wrong many times.its a pity u should leave christ saying pat is wrong.remember christ is the only person who has fulfilled more than 300 messaianic prophecies of OT bible.none else could do it , he is the MESSIAH!and he is coming back soon!

  6. Laz says:

    Rojer, about those prophets that were wrong, are you referring to the ones that Elijah had slaughtered on Mount Carmel?

    What of Deut 18 Rojer?

    So are you saying that I ‘left’ Christ because I called Pat Robertson a false prophet?

    A prophet is to be given respect insofar he/she is the real deal. Messianic prophecies were given by true prophets, men like Isaiah, Micah, Zechariah, Daniel. Men who gave the rest of us what they received from God. We know they were true prophets because their prophecies came true, as you pointed out.

    I’m afraid the same cannot be said of Pat’s “prophecies”.

  7. Millie says:

    Laz, Pat fasts and prays for weeks putting himself into position to hear from God. He is no quack and we would do well to heed his warnings. I agree that if we pray God will change the course of things for our good. America is still His country “under God” and until the rediculous radicals ruin it completely we are still the apple of God’s eye and can be saved. I’m thankful Pat puts his neck out to tell us what is on God’s mind so we can pray and “reason” together and hopefully change these prophesies of doom. I believe that is what happened in 2006. You sound disappointed that the calamity didn’t happen. Pat is damned if he does and damned if he dosen’t. Praise God for Pat and his willingness to cry out into your wilderness.

  8. Laz says:

    Millie, thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, very much obliged.

    Pat fasts and prays for weeks

    The Pharisees also fasted and prayed, probably more than Robertson, what’s your point?

    America is still His country “under God” and until the rediculous radicals ruin it completely we are still the apple of God’s eye and can be saved.

    No Millie, America is not His country anymore than the UK is His country (a good place to live yes, His country, no). Israel is God’s chosen not the U.S. Of course that also now includes Gentiles of all countries not just America.

    Can you please cite in Scripture where America is called the “apple of God’s eye”? Countries are not saved Millie, people are. This notion that America is God’s country is a misguided attempt to blend our true citizenship (in heaven) with patriotic zeal.

    Millie, as far as Robertson is concerned, let me reiterate. If a ‘prophet’ makes a prophecy which does not come true, what does that make that ‘prophet’? Go read Deuteronomy 18:20-22 before defending a man whose falsehoods demand that he be ignored.

  9. Giselle says:

    Jonah synopsis (after the great fish incident) from Wikipedia:

    “God again orders Jonah to visit Nineveh and prophesy to its inhabitants. He therefore goes there and walks through it, crying “In forty days Nineveh shall be destroyed.” The Ninevites believe his word, and appoint a public fast, from the least of the people to the greatest; the king himself putting on sackcloth and sitting in ashes. God has compassion and does not bring His wrath against the city at that time.”

    Jonah didn’t even have to tell the people to repent. They KNEW what to do. Does God’s mercy make Jonah a false prophet because the prophecy was not fulfilled? I think not.

    LAZ, Jesus clearly lets us know the Pharisees’ hearts were not in the right place, that they were inwardly wicked. No amount of outward “holiness” can change that.

  10. Laz says:

    Good and well but was Robertson’s “prophecy” regarding a U.S. tsunami, a conditional one like Jonah’s?

    Did part of Pat’s “prophecy” involve the sparing of U.S. coastlines IF the U.S. repented? I don’t know where you live but does it seem like our nation has repented over anything? No tsunami hit the U.S. in 2006 so by your rationale we must have repented as a nation, right?

    Do not let your personal like of Robertson cloud your discernment. We must not be guided by emotion but by sound judgment rooted in God’s Word.

  11. Giselle says:

    Nothing about Pat Robertson clouds anything for me. Actually, he puts his foot in his mouth frequently and can be quite irritating. But I still believe he is a man of God with a good heart.

    We won’t know until we get home whether he missed God or not on that one. Maybe the condition for not sending a tsunami was not national repentence, which I quite agree we have not seen (yet), but perhaps believers asking for mercy stopped it.

    Now they (some other prophets) are predicting an earthquake this month or next. Let’s see what happens…..

  12. Rev_Rock says:

    Giselle, a false prophet is not, and cannot be, “a man of God with a good heart”. A false prophet is not to be listened to by God’s people. He should be shunned. The ‘chuch’ as we in the US know it is in poor shape, if people like Robertson, Hinn, Crouch, ad nauseum… are any indication of it’s leadership. If you have to watch people on television to receive ‘God’s word’, then you part of the problem. If we look back on church history, we can see where we have regressed from the days of Calvin, Spurgeon, Edwards and others. They had a desire to learn God’s word, not learn what someone else SAYS ‘God’s word’ is! May we become more like them!

  13. healtheland says:

    Laz: Ha ha ha ha ha! If only I had seen this thread earlier, I could have helped you out with this:

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