Boise State shocks Oklahoma in Fiesta Bowl

In one of the best college football games I have seen*, Boise State beat Oklahoma in overtime approximately 10 minutes ago by a score of 43-42.

Boise State is only the 2nd team from a non-BCS conference (the other being Utah) to be invited to a BCS bowl and win it. Whereas Utah only beat a lousy 4-loss Pitt team, Boise State outplayed a talented Oklahoma squad by utilizing plays from the dark recesses of their playbook.

As a UT alum/fan, I hold OU coach Bob Stoops in high regard for his bold and innovative play calling but tonight Boise State coach Chris Petersen outcoached Grand Master Stoops and beat him at his own game. Examples:

  • The hook and lateral on a 4th and long to tie the game with 7 seconds remaining
  • That zany formation with the QB going in motion leaving a WR as the QB on a 4th and 2. The WR then goes on to throw for the TD.
  • In the ensuing play, Coach Petersen decides to go for the win by going for 2. How does he do it? By calling a statue of liberty play which fakes out the OU defense and allows the RB to more or less walk in for the winning score.

A nice side story occurred after the game. One of the heroes of the game, Boise State running back Ian Johnson was being interviewed by Fox’s Chris Myers. Johnson’s girlfriend (the head cheerleader, predictably enough) stood by him during the interview. As the interview is concluding, Johnson proceeds to drop to one knee and proposes to her (she said yes) drawing a huge cheer from the fans behind him.

While it was good to see the underdog win (not to mention OU lose), I’m not going to pretend that if Boise State played in a major conference they’d have a harder time going undefeated. They do play in the WAC, and how that must have burned OU to keep tackling (try to anyway) these guys with “WAC”patches on their jerseys.

I guess now the Boise State Broncos can be known for something other than the blue turf of their home field.

[*the best game of course is the 2006 Rose Bowl between my Longhorns and the Southern Cal Trojans]

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