Immaculate Conception, reptile style

A Komodo dragon at a British zoo is pregnant. Big deal right? Well this dragon(ess?) didn’t need a male to get herself pregnatn.  That’s right, an immaculate conception. Apparently there are 70 vertebrate species that are able to do this.

Click here to read the story from Reuters.

According to the report in the journal Nature, there are 70 vertebrate species that are able to self-fertilize. As if we weren’t already impressed with the work of God’s hands…


2 Responses to Immaculate Conception, reptile style

  1. David says:

    I read your comment on the IrishCalvinist site regarding the worship of Mary. I commend you for you integrity and thoughtfulness. I have a hundred things I would like to say but since I only have this little box and I hate to type out discussion I will try be brief. Getting to the truth is often more about asking the right questions. You asked the type of question that a genuine seeker of the truth asks. I am a lover of truth and have devoted my life to THE TRUTH so your question was like a breath of fresh air. You asked why the RCC leadership doesn’t stop the idolatry within the RCC. Why doesn’t God stop the idolatry in His Church, whether you believe it to be the visable RCC or the invisable Bride? What did he tell his disciples about pulling out the weeds and what happens when that one does that in the Kingdom? Doesn’t God often allow the sin to run it’s course until we return to Him in repentance? Your question touches on so many topics. Do you believe that God forces us to do His will? One’s view of free will, discipline, the Church, and love all come into play here. I’ve probably gotten off track here a little. You asked a great question, but let me ask you one better. Why does the RCC remain unwavering in it’s doctrine that worship of Mary is sin if so many in it’s ranks do it? Maybe even more of a wonder would be HOW does it hold to a truth if it does not serve the Truth? When all other denominations that call themselves the church change from pressure placed on them from within and without, HOW does the RCC hold unwavering to some truth, like calling contraception a sin. In 1930 EVERY Christian division called contraception a sin. Today only the RCC stands completely against the culture of death even though about 95% of those within resist and nearly 100% of those without resist. Now that’s a question to ponder. Does truth change? Perhaps you are one of the many that have grown comfortable with contradiction. Regardless, you made my day with your question, even though the “answers” were feeble.

  2. David says:

    By the way, the Immaculate Conception is different than the Virgin Birth. You must be thinking of the Virgin Birth.

    Peace be with you, in Christ,

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