The Politics of Katy Pig Races

Where to start? I blogged about reaction to the building of a Muslim mosque in our community. The story has garnered local attention and not surprisingly, national attention.

It seems to me that many in Katy are supportive of Mr. Baker’s efforts to hold pig races. He is within his rights to do so, it is his property after all. What should the Christian response to this mosque be? (the fact that it’s hard to gauge who truly follows Christ is a different response altogether). Some are incensed that the Muslims have the gall to set up shop in this “Christian” community. Some are thinking c’est la vie and yet others are seeing this as an opportunity to present the Gospel to these lost souls.

I fear that somehow politics (the right-leaning variety) is tainting Christians’ reaction. Allow me to elaborate with a couple of illustrations. If Mormons were building a Temple at this locale would the local citizenry be going bonkers and talking about having “caffeine nights”? What if it was Jehovah Witnesses opening up a Kingdom Hall? Would Mr. Baker invite the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center over for “Transfusion Night?”

The current War on Terror has led us down this path (I’m not immune, read my previous ‘pig’ post) where we think that all Muslims are interested in killing us of all in the name of their false god. Despite the President’s appeals that Islam is a religion of peace, some still hold that most Muslims are of the violent variety. It may be true that Islam at its core calls for war against unbelievers but I can’t say for sure. It may be that ‘moderate’ Muslims are apostates and the true adherents are the death-obsessed Muslims but I don’t know for sure. I can say for sure that Islam is as fake as a 3 dollar bill but that doesn’t necessarily mean that true Islam is violent at its core.  It could very well be, but that it is a false religion does not necessarily make it violent.

Christians are commanded to make disciples of all nations, that some have used violence to this end is incredibly sad but has no bearing on the Christ’s command. Why are Muslims seemingly not deemed worthy of evangelism? If they’re going to set up shop here, instead of antagonizing them by rejoicing in attempts to insult their beliefs (as false as they might be) wouldn’t it be better to tell them about Jesus? Wouldn’t it be better to thank God for the opportunity to witness to these lost folk? To tell them that God sent His Son because He loved the world so?

Just a thought…

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