Vince Young, the legend continues…


This is Vince Young scoring on a 39 yard run in overtime to beat the Houston Texans, the team who passed on him in the 2006 NFL Draft.  That decision, it seems, is going to haunt the local franchise for a long time.  It’s beginning to look like the Portland Trailblazers’ decision to pick Sam Bowie over Hakeem Olajuwon and Michael Jordan, 2 future hall of famers, but worse.

It’s worse because Vince is a hometown guy (Madison High) who wanted to play for the Texans.   It’s worse because Vince had just became a Texas legend by winning a national title with the University of Texas (Hey Aggies, 1939).  It’s worse because Young practically begged the Texans’ braintrust to draft him because they wouldn’t regret it.  Well they didn’t listen to him.

The Texans’ braintrust (Casserly and Kubiak) is probably regretting not drafting VY.  This braintrust doesn’t have egg all over their face, try a Don Juan taco (all the Austin  people said, “Holla!”).  David Carr is a nice guy and may even be good enough to hold field goals but VY he is not.

The events that transpired today at Reliant Stadium are quite possibly the worst outcome conceivable to the Houston Texans.  Here’s  a guy (Young) who’s playing in his hometown.  A guy who wanted you to draft him.  A guy who was drafted by Houston’s former franchise, the Titans.  Worse yet, by the guy who took the Oilers from us, Bud Adams.

What an embarrassment this loss was to the Texans.    To have the player they could have had, with all the stories associated with him (“Hometown hero drafted by hometown team”, “Local boy does good with Texans”), win the stinkin’ game by running for a 39 yard TD is an unmitigated disaster.  I’d say it was like last year’s Rose Bowl but I don’t want to insult USC.

Since the Texans were formed I have not been excited about the team though I reside in Houston.  To me a hometown team is one you’ve been cheering for since childhood.  I was 25 when the Texans were formed so they’ve never been my team and as of today they will never be my team.  I’m going  back to my hometown team, the Houston Oilers now the Tennesee Titans.  They are my team, Houston,  you can have the Texans.

The only reason I will ever go to a Texans game is to root for the Titans (unless some free tix come my way).  This is due in large part to Vince, but also because of the lousy product the Texans have put on the field.  You can keep them, give me the memories of Alonzo Highsmith, Bubba McDowell, Bo Orlando, Drew Hill, Ernest Givins, Mike Munchak, Tony Zendejas, Sean Jones, Warren Moon, Al Smith, Gary Brown, and the expressive one, Jack Pardee.

Go Titans!!!

2 Responses to Vince Young, the legend continues…

  1. Are you for real. Does it not bother you that VY’s quarterback rating was a paltry 66.7? 16 points lower than the terrible David Carr? 53rd on a list of 70 QB’s that had a rating in ’06? He did have one throw for over 40 yards. Yea, just one. He did account for a combined 177 yards of offense per game. Ridiculous. But all you have is the one play that beat the lousy Texans. C’mon. But he’s a winner? I don’t recall the Titans in the playoffs. Do us all a favor. When the Texans start winning, and they will, don’t show your sorry ass up and start with the I love the Texans and always have ********.

  2. Laz says:

    Ty, what is your problem? We are talking about sports not life/death situations so take it easy before you hurt yourself.

    You’re right stats don’t lie, and the only stats that are really worth anything are W’s. I have the 2006 Rose Bowl on DVD would you like to borrow it? Has Carr done anything that even comes close to that performance? I don’t think so. Jury still out on VY (it’s only one year) but I think that Carr, nice guy, has shown that he wasn’t worth the 1st pick.

    Sorry man, never been a Texans fan though I am from Houston. I never caught the fever that they incited when McNair bought the team. If that makes me a bad person in your estimation, you have some serious issues and perhaps you should seek help.

    Btw, more power to the Texans if they win the Super Bowl.

    Thanks for your comment though I would appreciate if you didn’t resort to childish profanity.

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