Vince Young gets his mom in trouble?

I felt like my mom was chasing me with a belt.
— Vince Young to Bud Adams, who asked him what he was thinking as he ran for the winning 39-yard touchdown in overtime over the hapless Texans.

Felicia Young, VY’s mom, is going to get some heat from the PC police (or CPS whoever comes first) for this. Vince just let the world know that Ms. Young dared to spank her child. If she in fact did chase young Vince with a belt, will this be the new tactic employed by Little League dad?

You know Little League dad right? Pushing their kid to excel in a sport the kid has little or no interest in playing and if he did, the parents squeezed all the desire out of him.  Forget the cold reality that the poor kid has as much talent as a wet sock.  So I can see Little League dad  chasing his would-be Vince Young all over the field with leather belts to secure a future paycheck.

Maybe Felicia should make a Tom Emanski (gotta love Freddy McGriff in those ads) type video demonstrating the technique which turned her son into the athlete he is today.

Once again, congrats to Vince for his accomplishments, thanks for making me an Oiler/Titan fan once again!


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