Easy like Monday morning

Let me preface this post by saying this:  The 2006 NFL Draft is over and there’s nothing that Texans fans can do about it.

Another Sunday, another dismal David Carr performance, and another glance into what the Texans missed out by not drafting Vince Young.  The Texans have never beaten divisional rivals, the Indianapolis Colts.  To help that situation they drafted DE Mario Williams who is (and he may in the future) going to get after Indy QB Peyton Manning.

What the Texans didn’t know is that Vince Young was going to beat the Colts in his first year.  They didn’t need Williams to beat the Colts they needed Young.  Young didn’t have a great game (2 TDs, 2 INT’s) but he made plays when his team needed it.  To the naysayers who point to his 1:1 ratio of TDs and INTs, VY is only a rookie.  Take a look at Peyton Manning’s rookie stats, they were atrocious.

Rebuilding year in Austin as the Horns go to the Alamo Bowl.  In College Station going to the Alamo Bowl caps a good year, and not going to a bowl game points to a rebuilding year.  Hook ’em…

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