UT-A&M outcome made me sick, literally

There are a great many things I could say regarding Friday’s sickening loss to the Aggies but I won’t.  I don’t have time (even after 2 days) to make an exhaustive list.  Well I will say one thing, or 2  :

Dear Aggies, Longhorn nation really likes Coach Fran and we had to let you have this one so you can keep the old chap for another year, the last thing we’d want is for you to hire a coaching genius (see Bob Stoops or even Todd Graham).  So enjoy your ‘victory’ Aggie fan, remember 1939!!!

I spent all day in bed yesterday after coming up with some sort of stomach virus.  While not exactly a scientific explanation, I attribute it to the sickening feeling of Friday’s game.  The game even made our little one sick for he couldn’t stop throwing up on Friday.  Must have been upset at the way UT gave the Ags the game.

Like I’ve told several friends regarding this season, I think last year’s national championship will hold me over for the next 10 years.  Hook ’em Horns


5 Responses to UT-A&M outcome made me sick, literally

  1. jasonk says:

    As a Sooner fan, I want to thank my Longhorn friends for giving us this one. I wrote this weekend about the stakes of yesterday’s OU/OSU game, since Texas choked against the Aggies. Now we get a shot at the Big 12 championship, in spite of a difficult season riddled with injuries, bad calls, and stupid players who get kicked off the team.
    My great fear has been that if Coach F gets fired and ran out of College Station, the Aggies would come after our beloved Coach Kragthorpe, from the University of Tulsa. Maybe we can keep him one more year.
    Thanks again!

  2. J says:

    Texas has the talent. A&M has the coach. If Brown were half the coach he is recruiter, Texas would be undefeated for the next 10 years.

  3. Lazaro says:

    Well J, Mack does have a national title under his belt (VY or not, he has one). Coach Fran has zero, so I fail to see how “A&M has the coach.” A&M has some talent otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to put a hurtin’ on my ‘Horns (Goodson, Lane, McGee are somewhat talented, not to mention that Dodge fellow)

    You are very welcome Jason, yeah we did everyone a favor by letting the Ags take this one, OU, Nebraska, and Tech all want Coach Fran to stay another year… Glad to be of service.

  4. BusmasterJones says:

    This game was not given, it was taken by a gutty QB from A&M. tu was simply outplayed.

  5. Laz says:

    Thank you Busmaster for the input, but what/who is “tu”?

    “Tu” = you in Spanish, so are you saying that I was outplayed?

    sorry man I didn’t take part in the game, I was merely a spectator, but thanks for thinking I directly participated, though I don’t know what gave you that idea…

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