“Holiday Rage”? Are you kidding me?

According to this article, there is such a condition called, “holiday rage.” What is it? It’s stress caused by typical holiday experiences (long lines and jammed parking lots) which bubbles over into tempestuous outbursts.

The article cites several factors which contribute to this ‘condition.’ One being crowded malls, another being staying under budget (the average American drops $800 during the holidays).

My favorite part of the article is the “How to curb holiday rage” section. Well how does one curb it? Accept limitations, don’t take things personally, and focus on the positive. Focusing on the positive according to the piece is the following:

“The season is about forgiveness and being thankful.”

As to whom we should be thankful to the article does not address. As to what exactly ‘forgiveness’ entails, the article would never in a million years address.

If we were truly thankful to God and really think about what the season celebrates, that is God becoming man because He alone is the one who could have forgiven our sins by dying on the cross, then there would be no need for such ridiculous terms as ‘holiday rage’ or even a need for the hedonistic mess that the ‘holiday season’ has become.


3 Responses to “Holiday Rage”? Are you kidding me?

  1. jasonk says:

    I avoided holiday rage last night by going on line, and doing every bit of my shopping over the internet. I like going to the mall sometimes, but never during the holidays. My house is so nice and comfortable, it would be a shame to mess that up by going into that mess of traffic and moronic drivers and shoppers. Just let the gifts come to me. Ahhhhh.

  2. insightout says:

    Blame it on the 3 wise men. They started this whole gift giving thing……men. 🙂

  3. Rev Darla says:

    I am stunned at the incidents I have encountered just in the last two weeks. I was parked at the light waiting fo it to change and I looked to my right at the car waiting for traffic and the driver (middle aged man) shreiked what are you lookin at b***h! I responded with a surprised look and he mimicked me and added the crossed finger to make a cross at me the light change and I’m saying to myself did that just happen? I pulled out of the parking lot at my job and there was a car a long way away when I pulled out he sped up and cut me off and moved over to the left turn lane as I pulled next to him at the light he made a gesture so as to shoot me with a gun and sped off (he was a balding middle aged white man)what is going on?

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