“When the Word of God isn’t enough”

Among pagans it would not be surprising to hear such nonsense, and why not? They view Scripture as great literature (at best) or a handbook for oppression (at worst). That such fanciful ideas come from unregenerate hearts undercuts the legitimacy of these positions.

However, when Christians start believing this drivel it’s something else entirely. In this article from our brothers at Agapepress, the author makes the following statement, “too often believers fail to look to the deepest and richest source of help available: The Bible.”

I have been amazed at how some Christians think the Bible as too simplistic an answer to life’s everyday challenges. If we really believe that the Bible is God’s very Word why is the suggestion to turn to it in times of trials greeted with doubt and perhaps discomfort?

If we trust God when He speaks of eternal matters why not trust Him when it comes to temporal matters?


2 Responses to “When the Word of God isn’t enough”

  1. jasonk says:

    This attitude toward the insufficiency of Scripture is perpetrated, in part, by the Christian publishing industry. “The Bible is great, but you need THIS book to help you with your specific needs.” Churches fuel this by jumping on every bandwagon that comes along, from MasterLife in the 70’s to Experiencing God in the 90s to Purpose Driven Life in the 2000s. We drive the consumerism that the publishing biz responds to.
    In seminary, I took a class where we read a book advocating the 12 Step program for Christians (they also had available the 12 Steps for Muslims, for Women, for homosexuals, etc.) In the opening pages of the book it literally stated that the Bible was great, but not enough. Jesus is great, but not enough. You also need the 12 Steps to help you overcome the addictions that hold you back. When I protested, the instructor said I was simplistic and naive to think that the Bible could help a person stricken with addiction and mental illness. Okay.

  2. Henry Frueh says:

    And you have accurately identified the battleground. Has God spoken and is His Word sufficient truth for everything, transcending time and culture? If not, then every man’s opinion is the arbitor of truth which makes every man’s opinion truth itself.

    Let God be true and every man a liar!

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