Did you hear the one about Kramer and the hecklers?

It appears that Michael Richards (“Kramer” from Seinfeld) has committed career suicide. He didn’t do it by insulting his core base (see Dixie Chicks) but by spewing racial slurs at a couple of hecklers at one of his stand-up gigs.

In a charged, expletive-filled outburst, Richards invoked lynchings and dropped a few n-bombs on the 2 hecklers (as you might have guessed they were black). I’m sure he’s going to say he’s sorry and all that (and he should) but the cat is out of the bag.

In Hollywood it seems, you’re better off announcing you have leprosy than being known as a non-black who drops n-bombs. I hope you weren’t expecting to land any roles Mike.


6 Responses to Did you hear the one about Kramer and the hecklers?

  1. jasonk says:

    No, it was just a botched joke, thats all. the press misquoted him. He’s a comedian. Get it?

  2. J says:

    How can you commit suicide when you’re already dead?
    He had his 15 minutes, now he’ll get 15 seconds of punishment. If you can resist re-runs, you’ll never have to see or hear from him again once 2007 rolls around.

  3. Lazaro says:

    I really don’t think the Seinfeld fans among us are going to quit watching the re-runs over this incident, though I haven’t watched an episode in months.

    Richards is a racist that much is clear. Anyone who can drop those words is only revealing what is in his heart. I really don’t think Richards is the only beloved public figure who is a racist. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are racists (based on comments they have made) and no one is calling on them to apologize, but then again I’d think twice before calling them ‘beloved public figures’.

    ‘Kramer’ needs help with this issue, as did I. I was raised to view certain races as inferior and held on pretty tightly to this falsehood until I was convicted otherwise by the Holy Spirit.

    Admittedly the change and in my view (and the accompanying change of heart) are works in progress but I know that I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.

  4. jasonk says:

    I think it is pretty easy to sit in judgment of someone like Richards. He’s a white guy, and there are pockets of racism in his heart, which, as you say, made their way to the top last weekend.
    But put yourself in his place. You are at work, doing what you do, and there are people who are being quite cruel to you. Not typical banter from hecklers in the crowd, but mean, deep spirited hatred. “You’re career is over. You’re not funny. You were not funny then, and you’re not now.” On and on they went. Richards went for the jugular. You and I might have done the same thing.
    I don’t know if you saw his apology last night on Letterman, but I did. He seems contrite. He seems truly mortified at what his behavior. He asked for forgiveness, and I, for one, will give it to him.
    Then there is the comedian on tv this morning, who said that what Richards said was “unforgivable.” Unforgivable? Please. He blew it. He said he was sorry. Now its time to move on.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I did not know that about you. Wow, you really are an *******. Makes sense…

  6. Lazaro says:

    Anon, are you capable of reason and understanding?
    Based on your comment I have my reservations… Thanks for checking in, I don’t think we’ve heard from you since the Aslan, Harry Potter, et al post where you went against your programming and tried to impersonate a deity.

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