Dear Iran, you’re wasting your time

“Iranian paper: Great War to wipe out Israel coming”

(H/t: Drudge)

Yep, that’s right, an editorial in an Iranian newspaper had the following to say:

‘The great war is ahead of us, (and will break out) perhaps tomorrow, or in another few days, or in a few months, or even in a few Years… Israel must collapse,’ the newspaper said.”

This is quite hysterical on so many levels. Somewhere, in between counting his dough, Tim LaHaye is laughing and saying “I told you so.”

Don’t these rubes realize that if they were to attempt this, they are not only fulfilling Ezekiel 38, but also going to their destruction and utter demise? You’d think after all the beatings Israel has put on the Arabs, the Persians (no the Iranians are not Arabic they are Persians) would take pause before considering attacking Israel.

I guess they don’t realize it, why would they? They are as blind as the religious leaders who rejected Jesus as Messiah and had Him crucified. Can’t really blame them for their ignorance either.

By the way, I have nothing against rubes, after all if 12 rubes from Galilee (plus one Pharisee from Tarsus) can change the world (with only the help of the Holy Spirit) who am I to hold anything against that crowd?


2 Responses to Dear Iran, you’re wasting your time

  1. storbakken says:

    Your post has urged me to pray for peace in Jerusalem (and Tehran).

  2. Henry Frueh says:

    Hate has an energy inherant in itself. It will refuse logic and common sense, and in the final stage it will commit suicide to kill others. This type of hate is bred from infancy, watered througout the teenage years, and given wings in adulthood.

    The Arab world is consumed with hate, and with that they will ignore their plight and pick up the sword. They are “without hope in this world”. Sad.

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