A Jesus Doll?!?!?!

“Toys for Tots Rejects Jesus Doll”

What’s shocking about that headline (and thus the story) isn’t the rejection of the doll. It’s the fact that there exists a battery-powered “Jesus Doll” that spouts out Bible verses. What in the world is that about? Whose genius is behind it? From the above story, it’s some company called one2believe.

When Teddy Ruxpin was all the rave, were there any Christian-themed tapes for that beast? Wouldn’t you just love to be a fly on the wall when this “Jesus Doll” idea was being floated around at the one2believe board meetings?

I realize that Christianity is over-commercialized, no doubt about it. It is a brand name and a very lucrative brand name. Visit your local Lifeway and tell me I’m wrong.

Don’t get me wrong I enjoy going to Lifeway from time to time to pick up the occasional book, but sometimes some of the trinkets are a little hard to take.

I won’t even get into the diversity of Bibles that are there. There is a Bible for every profession, not to mention every stage in life. Graduating from high school? There’s the Graduate Bible. In the armed forces? There’s a Bible for every branch. Is the BCS getting you down? There’s the “dealing with the BCS” Bible, kidding but you get the idea.

I got an idea. It might sound strange and foreign and a bit antiquated. How about parents teaching their kids in the ways they should go instead of leaving it to idolatrous dolls made in China? How about parents teaching their kids to love the LORD their God with all their hearts, soul, mind and strength? How about not relying on silly props to do this?

Brothers and sisters we have in our possessions the very Word of God, how is it not enough? It should be enough especially when you can go pick up a copy of the “When the Bible isn’t enough” Bible at Lifeway.

(Update: Toys for tots has accepted the blasphemous things)


2 Responses to A Jesus Doll?!?!?!

  1. jasonk says:

    Yeah, I’m with you. Toys for Tots gives to children from several religious traditions, and it would be pretty sad if a Jewish child opened a Jesus doll.
    But a Jesus doll?! Please. Doesn’t that border on graven image?

  2. Lazaro says:

    Some examples of what I refer to, from our friends over at Purgatorio:


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