Elton, listen to Geico Caveman’s advice

We can learn a lot from cavemen (as fictitious as the creatures may be), especially those who star in Geico commercials. The epic line, “Yeah, next time maybe do a little research” uttered by one of these guys is good advice to all of us.

Music legend, Elton John, made perhaps one the most ridiculous statements (on so many levels) I have run across. I respect his right to make a fool of himself but some analysis is warranted.

According to this article (H/T: Drudge), “El Elton” said the following:

“From my point of view I would ban religion entirely.”

Now we can agree/disagree with the statement. Truthfully the statement has little meaning by itself because the word ‘religion’ is as worthless a word as one will encounter. This being said, the reason I’m even posting about this is Sir Elton’s reasoning for banning ‘religion.’

“It turns people into really hateful lemmings and it’s not really compassionate”

The inanity of such a statement is obvious is it not? Mother Teresa didn’t seem like a hateful lemming and I think she might have been compassionate. Wasn’t she into religion? She is just one example and if you want more, feel free to do some research.

Well further on in the article, Elton tells us the real issue he has with ‘religion’:

“I think religion has always tried to turn hatred towards gay people. Religion promotes the hatred and spite against gays.”

Yes, some religious leaders have done just that (see Iran and other countries under Islamic Law, not to mention some Christians here in the US). Sir Elton, you have to be careful using words like ‘always.’ Jesus commanded us to love our neighbor, even if he is gay.

So by Elton’s strange rationale a society which bans religion (or at least stifles it) should be pretty embracing towards homosexuality right?

Uh, wrong, case-in-point, the former Soviet Union. Elton, I refer you to something called article 121.1 which punished homosexual activity with 5 years of prison and also allowed lesbians to be put into psychiatric clinics. Yes this measure came from a State which was as anti-religion as you can be (that Marxism-Leninism is a religion we’ll leave to another post).

Oh and there’s also Communist China which frowns on homosexual behavior and forbids gay ‘marriage.’ I can’t really say that Communist China is really that open towards religion either. They’ve become more ‘tolerant’ of your lifestyle there but I can assure you that gays have more rights in the UK and the US than in China, a country where there exists less religious freedom than in the former two.

The moral of the story Sir Elton, is to do some research before you make asinine statements, which reinforce people’s perceptions that politically outspoken musicians should just ‘shut up and sing.’


2 Responses to Elton, listen to Geico Caveman’s advice

  1. Henry Frueh says:

    Laz – Elton finally makes a logical statement about religion uncensored and staight from the fallen heart of man. What always amazes me is that all unregenerate people don’t have the same view as Elton, I did. His statements represent the logical conclusion an unsaved man should have because only the Holy Spirit can reveal a person’s lostness. The scarier scenario is when unsaved people play religion and claim it’s good for the world community. Religion is the death sentence for the whole world, but Christ is life for whosoever will.

    Elton, if I was you I’d feel the same way too. But since I know the truth, I am free indeed, which is exactly what I pray for you!

  2. jasonk says:

    Laz, rock on! You said it so well. I read that article too, and was amazed at what a dork Elton is. And my apologies go out to dorks everywhere.

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