Texas 42, K-State 45

It’s over Commander, the Longhorns’ National Title aspirations have been routed into the forest by the Kansas State Wildcats.

In a shootout of a game, K-State edged out the ‘Horns to take them out of contention for the national title. There are a myriad of reasons why UT lost this game. I believe the play of the game occurred in the first series when on 4th and goal from the 6-inch line, Heisman candidate QB Colt McCoy got popped (he did score) and did not return to the game.

The monumental loss of their leader affected the rest of the team for the entire game (the otherwise solid D was atrocious). By the way, am I the only one who thought back of that K-State game (all these years ago) when Richard Walton was knocked out of the game only to be supplanted by Major Applewhite?

Well true frosh, Jevan Snead had to replace McCoy and while he didn’t turn the ball over the guy was over-matched and could not do the things McCoy does without thinking. I was not impressed with him but then again he’s only a freshman with very little game experience (Oh wait, so was McCoy). I’m guessing that McCoy won the starting job due to his mental toughness, I didn’t see very much poise from Snead (not surprising based on what was reported this past summer). I had visions of this Lou Gehrig/Wally Pipp situation but no such, pardon the word, luck…

I was very impressed by K-State freshman QB, Josh Freeman. With a little more seasoning this guy could be the next Vince Young.

The silver lining in this sordid affair is this: Though UT lost their star QB at the beginning, they almost pulled it out at the end. The team does have heart but not a shot at defending their national title.
Let’s just hope McCoy is ready to go in a couple of weeks against the Aggies. Just have to win that game to get to the Big 12 championship game. Now the best UT can hope for is the Fiesta Bowl, but hey I’ll take that over the Holiday Bowl.

Congrats K-State on this program making win!


2 Responses to Texas 42, K-State 45

  1. jasonk says:

    Sorry your horns got knocked out. I watched the game because it was such a great shootout. Lots of scoring, that’s good. And I always love an upset, unless its my team ;>)

    The Tulsa University vs. Rice game was a great shootout too. TU was down like 28-6, but came back to tie the game late in the fourth quarter. We lost in OT, which stinks when you make such a great comeback, but still, it was a fantastic game.

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