Aggies are racist?

Well it’s confirmed. We can label the entire student body (lets not forget supporters and alumni) of Texas A&M University racist. Why? Because of the actions of 3 current students.

Yep that’s how it’s done, label an entire group of people based on the actions of 3 people!!! (or one when it comes to Christians)  In case you’re wondering what I’m ranting about, click here to read the story out of College Station.

Apparently 3 current students made a video depicting a scene full of racial stereotypes (someone was in blackface) and posted it online.  The university formally denounced the 3 students responsible for the video.  The story linked above talks about an “atmosphere of racial intolerance” on campus.  I didn’t attend A&M (and being a UT alum I only have so much objectivity) but I want to hear from Aggies, is this true?

I  guess before this can be answered, what exactly is “racial intolerance?”


7 Responses to Aggies are racist?

  1. Henry Frueh says:

    We all must guard against that lurking monster called racism. And so often the church has been guilty of it, but there is no distinction in Christ. Praise God, free at last!!

  2. freevolition says:

    Our souls and our spirits do not have the distinction of skin coloration.

    Over-reaction seems to be the order of the day, as it once again is portrayed with this instance of ‘racial intolerance’ that you cite from Texas A&M. Common sense out… insanity and nonsense in.

  3. Lazaro says:

    free v, I’m guessing that the ‘over-reaction’ you refer to is the one coming from minority groups on campus.
    Personally, what these 3 guys did seems to go beyond ‘racial intolerance’ (whatever that means).
    I agree there is a lot of hypersensitivity in the culture, and most of these folk tend to let their emotions control them. As we know, common sense is usually the first casualty of emotionalism.

  4. freevolition says:

    “…common sense is usually the first casualty of emotionalism.”

    Very well said! Mind if I quote you?

  5. Lazaro says:

    knock yourself out

  6. Anonymous says:

    Just because three students made a video does not give you the right to claim that all people associated with A&M are racists. THREE students did it, NOT the WHOLE student body!!!!!!!

  7. Lazaro says:

    Anon, please not that there’s a question mark in the title. I never claimed that all people associated with A&M are racist. The first paragraph is tongue-in-cheek, sorry you couldn’t identify that.

    Thanks for proving that common sense is usually the first casualty of emotionalism.

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