Rod Parsley brought it, Osteen hasn’t, yet…

Televangelist Rod Parsley was on CBS’ The Early Show about 20 minutes ago to talk about Rev. Haggard and the allegations brought against him.   Tracy Smith did the interview and a couple of times she appeared to be visibly upset about this whole situation.  However she seemed more upset at what Parsley kept saying ( the quotes below are paraphrased for I do not have the transcript).

Mrs. Smith asked Parsley what this will do to the many who follow Rev. Haggard.  Parsley said what many of in the media (and the general populace) need to get through their thick skulls, “God does not rise or fall on the actions of one man.”  Of course, this response wasn’t good enough for the perky Mrs. Smith (based on her reaction it appears that she attended the Katie Couric school of journalism).  She shook off Parsley’s well said response and came back with “But a lot of people follow Mr. Haggard”.

It is at this point that Mr. Parsley said, “Tracy, we follow Jesus Christ, not any one man, woman or anything else.”  Well, Tracy would have none of it and came back with the classic, classic unbeliever party line:  “But don’t you think this is hypocrisy?”

I wish I had a link to the transcript but this only happened 20 minutes ago.  The point I want to make is that I saw Rod Parsley communicate the Gospel clearly during this interview,  and continuously point out that our faith is in Jesus Christ and not in any human being.  Other than John MacArthur, I have not seen other Christian leaders do this on this kind of stage (He did this on Larry King Live).

Joel Osteen also appeared on Larry King Live and completely blew it and shirked away from clearly communicating the Gospel.  What good is it to get so big that you can get that kind of forum and you come across looking like another self-help twit?  He knows he blew it because he apologized to his congregation for saying heretical things on the King show.

The good thing about Osteen is that he has another chance when Barbara Walters interviewed him yesterday for her “10 most fascinating people” show.  Not sure when it airs buy let’s wait and see if he skillfully dodges her questions like he did King’s.


2 Responses to Rod Parsley brought it, Osteen hasn’t, yet…

  1. Henry Frueh says:

    It is very sad for the cause of Christ when someone like Haggard falls so publicly and sordidly. There are two unscriptural principles that have added to the susceptibility and notoriety of such a fall.

    First, pastors should not be involved with politics.

    Second, churches should not be led by one person.

    These principles would have prevented some of what has happened.

  2. albert says:

    I would also add:

    There are limits to how large a church should get over time. There should be a balance between church growth and proportion of missionaries called away from the church.

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