Fox is crazy but Calderon is ignorant

In my last post, Theophilus, I extolled the insanity of President Fox’s comments. In this one I point out the ignorance of President-Elect Felipe Calderon.

According to this story, Calderon compared the planned fence between Mexico and the U.S. to the Berlin Wall. To my knowledge this is the 2nd person who has done this publicly, the first being Mikhail Gorbachev. Here’s Calderon’s quote:

“The wall will not solve the problem,” he said. “Humanity made a huge mistake by building the Berlin wall and I believe that the United States is committing a grave error in building a wall on our border.”

A couple of things paisano, ‘humanity’ didn’t build the wall, the East Germans did with Soviet approval. Allow me to introduce you to some more history, Felipe. The Berlin Wall was built to prevent people in Communist East Berlin from escaping to freedom in West Berlin.

I tell you what, if Mexico builds the fence then a comparison to the Berlin Wall is appropriate. It was the East Germans who built the Berlin Wall because people were leaving. The Americans are building the fence to keep people out not to keep people in. Please before you take office, go hit the history books before you make a complete fool of yourself with lousy comparisons.


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