Round One goes to Vince Young


Vince Young’s stats in today’s win over the Houston Texans:

7 for 15 for 87 yards, 1 TD Passing

4 attempts for 44 yards on 4 attempts and a TD on the ground (picture above)
Not eye popping stats but Vince Young had the game of his young career against his hometown team, the Houston Texans.

You think this guy had any special motivation to beat the team that passed him up to take DE Mario Williams in the 2006 draft? Any special motivation to beat the team which didn’t even consider taking him for the simple reason that the Texans already have a quarterback, David Carr? Who by the way was benched in this game because of his horrible performance.

Yeah, I’d say that Young had plenty of motivation to beat the Texans. To show them what a big mistake they did in passing up a player of his skills and more importantly his heart, something which David Carr has not shown to date. Young’s successor at UT, one Colt McCoy also has this same heart and motivation that VY possesses (see my previous post) in abundance.

I live in Houston (grew up here for the most part) and to date have not jumped on the Houston Texans bandwagon. I was actually rooting for the Titans (on the strength of Vince Young being their QB, the whole UT thing), yeah I know I ‘should’ support my hometown team, but it’s hard to support a team as uncommitted to excellence as this one is (sticking with Carr and drafting Mario Williams is but one example). To be honest the Houston Oilers were my hometown team until Bud Adams decided to take them to Nashville, by the way how smug do you think Mr. Adams is right about now?

Here’s to you Texans for outstanding personnel decisions and for benching your franchise quarterback in favor of a guy from Iowa State, enjoy the QB controversy. Can’t wait for the next Titans vs. Texans game…


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