Horns pull a Houdini against Huskers (again)

The Texas Longhorns were on life support today at Lincoln, Nebraska. The #5 Horns did everything possible to lose today’s matchup to the #17 Nebraska Cornhuskers.

In the waning moments of the game, all Nebraska had to do was convert a 3rd down and run out the clock. Well they converted but then the Texas D came up huge by forcing the fumble seen here:


Following the fumble recovery, Texas QB Colt McCoy proceeded to drive his team down for the winning field goal made by a walk-on kicker.

For some reason these UT-NU games turn out to be classics, but cardiac contests I can do without.

Hook ’em Horns


8 Responses to Horns pull a Houdini against Huskers (again)

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  2. jasonk says:

    I think Vince Young was watching his successor, rather than his predecessor.

    Question: Did the NU receiver have sufficient possession for it to be ruled a fumble? I was in Austin on Saturday, but did not get to see the game, believe it or not. On the highlights, it looks awfully quick to have been ruled a fumble. I wondered if it should have been ruled an incomplete pass. Your take?

  3. Lazaro says:

    It looked like Nunn took a couple of steps while in possession of the ball, so yeah it was a fumble.

    Given the performance of NCAA refs this season I don’t blame you for being skeptical(this has nothing to do with being a Sooner does it Jason?)

  4. jasonk says:

    Not at all. I was sitting at a sidewalk deli on Congress Ave, two blocks from the capitol building while the game was on. If I even indicated I was a Sooner fan, I’d have been jumped by the Longhorn Secret Police.
    Truth is, I like Texas. I will always root for OU when they play one another, but I like the Horns. I was glad when they beat USC last year, and will continue to cheer for Mack Brown and his crew to finish second in the Big 12 South.

  5. Lazaro says:

    You’d be surprised how laid back people are in A-town, even if you revealed your Sooner devotion.

    College Station is a town where you might get jumped for donning UT gear though, they can be downright fanatical over there…

    It’s rare to hear a Sooner fan who roots for the Horns but I guess you guys do exist. Like the Aggie fan who held up a sign last year at Kyle Field. The sign said something like, “Now go win the national championship” and that they did.

  6. jasonk says:

    I used to be a Texas hater. But its hard to hate a place that is so cool. Is it Ray Wylie Hubbard that sings the song “Screw You, We’re From Texas”? A lot of very cool things come from Baja Oklahoma, not the least of which are Lyle Lovett, Nanci Griffith, and Robert Earl Keen. Texas is a great place, and I am glad the Horns won last year.

  7. erik says:

    at first i was pulling my hair out about the pass call then realized it was a great call and a great play by the DB…it was good to see NU’s progress following their last big stage game (USC). Props to Texas for winning like a champion. Perhaps NU will get another shot in KC at the big 12 championship?!

    nice pic btw…

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