“We choose not to work for homosexuals”

This was in a letter sent by one of the owners of a landscaping business here in Houston to 2 homosexual men living together seeking landscaping services. The letter was the subject of a column by Houston Chronicle writer, Rick Casey. I’m not familiar with Mr. Casey’s views but he wrote a very balanced column.

Mr. Casey’s last couple of sentences were:

“Were I posting, I would commend the Farbers [the owners of the landscaping business] for standing by their principles in an age where money trumps all. They might, however, consider climbing up one more rung on the moral ladder. They should refuse to do business with all sinners.”

Admittedly, the sin of homosexuality has been singled out in many Christian settings as a particularly bad sin (as if). Why this is, I don’t know, and I find it curious that folk that are quick to condemn homosexuals don’t have the same allergic reaction when confronted with adultery, fornication or other sins.

Did not Jesus associate with sinners (prostitutes, publicans, and the like)? Do the landscapers ask every prospective customer for a litany of the sins they have committed (are committing)? Would they refuse service to an unmarried heterosexual couple living together? So many questions…


4 Responses to “We choose not to work for homosexuals”

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  2. jasonk says:

    Excellent point, and one that I have pondered myself a time or two.
    My theory is that Christians abhor homosexuality because we tend to rank our sins, and that is a line that many of us have not crossed. Therefore, it is safe and solid ground on which to cast aspersion onto others. I may lust, I may not be master of my domain while looking at porn on the internet, but by God, I’m not putting from the rough! And neither will my gardners be.
    Another theory is that a few Christians are very anti-homosexual, because they have a little latent gayness of their own. Case in point, my friend and pastor of a local church who stood against gay marriage in public, but was secretly picking up male prostitutes in his spare time. Me thinks thou protesteth too much.
    Finally, I think that homosexuality is abhorrent to people because of the drive to procreate. From a strictly secular, scientific point of view, the reason people engage is sexual intercourse is not just because they are randy, it is because of the strong drive to perpetuate the species. Humans are innately aware that a homosexual union represents a threat to that, since two men or two women are incapable of reproducing. So deep in their heart of hearts, they are opposed to homosexuality because it threatens the human existence.
    What do you think?

  3. Lazaro says:

    Yeah, I agree with your theory about ranking our sins. Sometimes we do find it safe to focus on those which we know we don’t struggle with. Nice and safe to lob those bombs huh?

  4. jasonk says:

    Its very safe, especially in states like Oklahoma and Texas. It is easy to pick on homosexuals here. But I have come to realize that my sin is just as detestable to God as anyone else, so I have no room to talk. Grace is good.

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