Christianity’s Firefighters

Ran across an item of interest over at the Christian Post. While the title, “Southern Baptist Seminary Bars Speaking in Tongues” might seem a bit sensationalist at first, after reading the article it might not be far off the mark.Regardless of one’s personal view on this least of the spiritual gifts, that is speaking in tongues, one has to admit this latest resolution by Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary is a bit puzzling.

After reading the piece an image stuck itself in my mind. Picture the Pentecost feast at which the Church was born (Acts 2 for those wondering what I’m talking about). There are the 12 Apostles with what seemed like tongues of fire resting on each of them. In other words the Holy Spirit descended and came to rest on these men and enabled them to speak in foreign languages (tongues).

The image that embedded itself in my mind was the following:

36 trustees at SWBTS (who voted against tongues at their institution), 3 per Apostle right? If these guys were at Pentecost, one gets the notion that they’d be really nicely dressed and carrying fire extinguishers. So they break into whatever room the Apostles are in and start dousing these poor guys with this fire retardant foam all the while shouting, “What are you hillbillies doing? You can’t speak in tongues!!! It goes against our preconceived ideas of spiritual gifts!!! How dare you mock us?!?!”

Anyone else see this picture?


2 Responses to Christianity’s Firefighters

  1. Brett says:

    Good post, Laz. I like the idea of SWBTS (not SBTS) trustees dousing the apostles with fire retardant foam. Great point!

  2. Lazaro says:

    My bad Brett, the error has been corrected. Thanks for commenting!

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