Blame it on the rain

Well it’s pouring here in Houston, been pouring since last night.  In fact the peals of thunder woke up our son a couple of times in the middle of the night, always a fun experience!

Reluctantly got up to a dreary and rainy morning, hopped on the commuter bus to work.  Get to work and lo and behold the power is out in my building.  My building is on emergency power which means that A/C is not running.  The only things on are a few lights and the refrigerators and freezers where our reagents and cells are stored (I work in a research lab you see).

Why am I blogging about this?  Because I’m doing it from home this fine, rainy Monday afternoon.  Yep, they gave us the day off because how can meaningful scientific research be conducted inside a building with no A/C?

There was one complication however.  The first bus out to the suburbs doesn’t pick up until 3 PM while I was ready to go home at 9:30 AM.  What to do?  My lovely wife and son came to the rescue as she braved the wet Houston streets to pick me up.  Let’s hear it for wives who work at home!

(Has anyone in Houston seen the sun today?)


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