Radical Christianity, part 3.25

Chuck Colson’s latest column talks about the confusion caused by the Amish response to the tragic events that transpired within their community.

A sample:

“As I watched the news, it was clear that the media had trouble understanding the kindness and forgiveness extended to Roberts [the man who killed 5 Amish girls] and his family. It wasn’t the first time that Christian grace and charity confused people.”

Colson points out that this isn’t the “first time that Christian grace and charity confused people.”   The reasons for this confusion are legion, I’m sure.
I found it a refreshing and enlightening read. Click here to read Colson’s column in case you missed the link above.


One Response to Radical Christianity, part 3.25

  1. Henry Frueh says:

    Forgiving someone for the murder of your own child is an incredible reflection of Someone else who asked His Father to forgive His murderers. And yet today, I have witnessed Christians make a public scene because their steak was overcooked. Help us Lord to enter into that redemptive heart that offered eternal forgiveness for the guilty. We did not deserve it, but it came as a gift unspeakable and full of glory. Praise the Lamb that was slain!

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