Mission Field: Your local church

I picked up a copy of John MacArthur’s “Hard to Believe” not too long ago. I have not read the book all the way through but I have been skimming through it. Came across many interesting, perhaps eye-opening statements, but then again Johnny Mac is known for these. That’s what he gets for preaching it like it is instead of preaching what people want to hear.

Well here is what he said:

“Our main mission field in America today is within the church”

For some context, the chapter is about reaching out to the lost within our churches, more specifically those who think they’re not lost (see Matthew 7:21-23).

Chuck Norris columnist?

Chuck Norris is credited with achieving stupefying feats of strength (not related to “Festivus”) and we here at Last Row have blogged about it, click here to see the post.

Now you can add “columnist” to Norris’ resume, as he shows us his lethal penmanship in this column.

He jokes about all the things attributed to him, and he gives us his opinion on “evolution.” More importantly he stresses the need that we ALL have for a Savior, and the identity of that Savior, Jesus of Nazareth.

Enjoy this candid and refreshing take from a celebrity.

H/T: Ken Ham

Round One goes to Vince Young


Vince Young’s stats in today’s win over the Houston Texans:

7 for 15 for 87 yards, 1 TD Passing

4 attempts for 44 yards on 4 attempts and a TD on the ground (picture above)
Not eye popping stats but Vince Young had the game of his young career against his hometown team, the Houston Texans.

You think this guy had any special motivation to beat the team that passed him up to take DE Mario Williams in the 2006 draft? Any special motivation to beat the team which didn’t even consider taking him for the simple reason that the Texans already have a quarterback, David Carr? Who by the way was benched in this game because of his horrible performance.

Yeah, I’d say that Young had plenty of motivation to beat the Texans. To show them what a big mistake they did in passing up a player of his skills and more importantly his heart, something which David Carr has not shown to date. Young’s successor at UT, one Colt McCoy also has this same heart and motivation that VY possesses (see my previous post) in abundance.

I live in Houston (grew up here for the most part) and to date have not jumped on the Houston Texans bandwagon. I was actually rooting for the Titans (on the strength of Vince Young being their QB, the whole UT thing), yeah I know I ‘should’ support my hometown team, but it’s hard to support a team as uncommitted to excellence as this one is (sticking with Carr and drafting Mario Williams is but one example). To be honest the Houston Oilers were my hometown team until Bud Adams decided to take them to Nashville, by the way how smug do you think Mr. Adams is right about now?

Here’s to you Texans for outstanding personnel decisions and for benching your franchise quarterback in favor of a guy from Iowa State, enjoy the QB controversy. Can’t wait for the next Titans vs. Texans game…

Texas 35, Texas Tech 31

For the 2nd week in a row, the Cardiac Kids have managed to shave a year (at least) off my life. We don’t have cable (game was on TBS) so I might have lost 2 years listening to this thing on the radio.

It’s tough listening to games like this on the radio, last time I did this it was the 2004 Kansas game in which Vince Young had to scramble to pick up a 1st down on a 4th and 18… Longhorn play-by-play guy, Craig Way doesn’t make it any easier.

The Longhorns came all the way back mainly because the unpredictable Texas D held Tech scoreless in the 2nd half, props to Def. Coord. Gene Chizik and staff for making adjustments. I will leave out stats because after all you can go hit the major sports websites for that, but I do have some thoughts/questions from the game, well before I get to those here’s Texas WR Limas Sweed scoring on a 45 yard TD:


  • Colt McCoy is capable (at some point in his UT career) of willing his team to a National Championship, this could not have been said about Chris Simms.
  • Jamaal Charles and Selvin Young need to see Detroit Tigers pitcher Kenny Rogers about borrowing some of his “dirt”
  • The Tech offense is an affront to college football and does not belong in organized competition
  • Why are the down markers yellow in Lubbock?
  • The Horns own 4th down, at least since Michael Huff stuffed LenDale White in last year’s Rose Bowl
  • It seems that next week’s game against Okie State is going to be a wild one and thus not good for cardiac health

Who was really behind Jesus’ death

“This Man [Jesus], delivered over by the predetermined plan and foreknowledge of God, you nailed to a cross by the hands of godless men and put Him to death.”

Acts 2:23

This is one of the things Peter said in the first sermon in Church history. He was speaking to the same crowd which had 50 days before yelled out, “Crucify Him! Crucify Him!” demanding that Jesus of Nazareth, the promised Messiah, be put to death.

What is of utmost interest to me in this text is the revelation that God planned the brutal execution of His Only Begotten Son. It wasn’t the Romans, it wasn’t the Jews, yes they both had His blood on their hands (they were agents in the brutality) but God had predetermined this to happen.

As to why God would do such a cruel thing, go read John 3:16…


Why didn’t I think of that?


Yep, this is what you think it is. It’s a little boy stuck inside one of those claw machines (hope it was worth it my man). As a matter of fact, on Tuesday I dropped a couple of bucks on one of these at the local mall. What glittering prize led me to waste good money on this venture? Nothing more and nothing less than a stuffed “Hook ’em Horns” hand. I was trying to replicate what happened one stormy night in a Dallas area Humperdink’s where I went 4 for 4 in this type of machine.

Well on Tuesday I couldn’t get the Hook ’em hand but now I know why. I didn’t think of crawling into the machine like this industrious lad did. Here’s to you, Mr. I-crawl-into-the claw machine-kid…

Isaiah 29:16

“Shall the potter be considered as equal with the clay,

That what is made would say to the its maker, ‘He did not make me’:

Or what is formed say to him who formed it, ‘He has no understanding’?”


After reading this text I always ask myself, “Who do I think I am questioning God and His ways?”


In the world of NCAA Division I football, it is an inescapable reality that schools around the country admit athletes who academically have no business at these institutions of higher learning. At my own alma mater, THE University of Texas, there is a chance that Vince Young might not have gotten in were he applying solely on academics. Yes, VY brought the school its 1st National Championship in 30-odd years, but probably would not cut it academically.

This reality is nothing new, everyone knows about it. Folks, it happens at most schools (except Rice). So why am I pointing out the obvious?

Well, per my daily routine, I mosied on over to SI.com’s NCAA football section to check out the latest happenings in the sport. Perusing through the ‘top stories’, I noticed a disturbing trend. Here are the top stories:

That’s 12 stories, 7 of which have to do with criminal activity (or disciplinary problems) by athletes or even staff.

This begs the following questions, is this type of behaviour related to the lowered admission standards that are set for football players? What kind of people are these universities letting in?

Even UT is not immune for there was an incident this season where a starting CB (Tarrell Brown) was suspended for the biggest game of the year (vs. Ohio State). I won’t even mention the dismissal of Ramonce Taylor during the offseason, a big part of last year’s national championship team, because of behavior issues.

What would happen if athletes were subject to the same admission standards as the rest of the student body? Would we see a lesser product on the football field? Or would we not notice because everyone would be at the same level? So many questions…

Horns pull a Houdini against Huskers (again)

The Texas Longhorns were on life support today at Lincoln, Nebraska. The #5 Horns did everything possible to lose today’s matchup to the #17 Nebraska Cornhuskers.

In the waning moments of the game, all Nebraska had to do was convert a 3rd down and run out the clock. Well they converted but then the Texas D came up huge by forcing the fumble seen here:


Following the fumble recovery, Texas QB Colt McCoy proceeded to drive his team down for the winning field goal made by a walk-on kicker.

For some reason these UT-NU games turn out to be classics, but cardiac contests I can do without.

Hook ’em Horns

Leviticus 18

“Also you shall not have intercourse with any animal to be defiled with it…” Leviticus 18:23

Came across a story over at ABC News, with the following headline, “Man accused of having relations with dog.”

It’s safe to say the headline sums it up, if you want to check out details feel free to click on the link (caution: not for the faint of heart).

It is a despicable act to engage in intercourse with an animal. Anyone think I’m intolerant or hateful when I say this? After all, this comes from that pesky 18th Chapter of the Book of Leviticus. You know the one, the one that refers to homosexuality as an “abomination.” Let’s go to the tape:

“You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination” Leviticus 18:22

What is most interesting to me is that the verse dealing with sex with animals follows the verse dealing with homosexuality. Basically it reads like this, ‘Don’t engage in homosexual acts, it is an abomination. ALSO, don’t have sex with animals.’

Why, oh why are these 2 immoral acts grouped together? A better question is why is one recognized as being wrong and immoral whereas the other is increasingly becoming an acceptable expression of ‘sexuality’? Not only that, but why is it OK to say one is sick and twisted but the other act one cannot say anything against unless one wants to be accused of engaging in ‘hate speech’?

(Yes I know that Christians are not under the Mosaic Law, see Paul’s letter to the Romans for a treatise on the subject, which by the way also identifies homosexuality as sinful behaviour)