Prophet Hugo Chavez

“Yesterday, the devil came here…”

These were Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’ words to the UN General Assembly this morning. He of course was referring to President Bush as ‘the devil.’

Apparently, Mr. Chavez has acquired the ability to discern who the devil is disguising himself as nowadays. Chavez has created a problem with one of his allies however. His buddy, the president of Iran, believes that America as a whole is the ‘Great Satan’. These 2 need to get together and settle this inconsistency. The devil can’t be America (Iran’s position since 1979) and Bush (Chavez’ position) both, can he?

One can only wonder what would happen if an American publicly claimed Chavez was the devil. My feeling is that the media would have a field day in blasting the arrogance of American extremists.

By the way, Noam Chumsky should be proud of himself…


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