London Soccer Fans!!!


These soccer fans give the ones from the post below a serious run for their money. I know soccer fan is passionate but these guys go above and beyond the tenets of a true fan. Just look for yourselves, in a classic move of one-upmanship, these guys made SIGNS!!! Not just any signs but signs voicing displeasure with individual players on the opposing team as well as signs supporting network analysts.

The guy on the left apparently does not like Eddie Pope, retired bulwark of Team USA’s defense. The passion is enormous, so much passion in fact, that he wishes that Eddie go to a place where the coffee is cold. His friend to the right is telling us his opinion of Univision color analyst, Jesus Bracamontes. Grammatical errors aside, this hooded fan sees Mr. Bracamontes as some sort of warrior-type who will wield a mighty sword named “Islam”. I’ve heard of famous swords “Excalibur” and “Anduril”, but this “Islam” doesn’t ring a bell. Must be some sort of fable.

One thing about these 2 rabid soccer fans which struck me as odd was the masks. I thought only their women were supposed to wear them in public, I guess the times they are a changin’ or these 2 fans have something to hide.

Memo to soccer fans: If someone says that you have a tendency to get out of control, and you don’t like it, then probably it’d be better if you didn’t get out control with your reaction…

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