Texas 52, Rice 7

Well my Texas Longhorns rebounded nicely from last week’s disappointing setback against #1 Ohio State by trouncing a hapless Rice team, 52-7. I did not watch the game but the box score and the score pretty much say it all.

Going into it, I was concerned with this year’s Rice team. Why? Because legendary UT quarterback Major Applewhite (who if not for Mack Brown’s indecisiveness, would have taken the Horns to a National Championship before Vince Young set foot in the 40 Acres) is their new offensive coordinator. I envisioned that Major would have some trickery up his sleeve and unleash it against a team still reeling from a hard loss to Ohio State.

This was not to be as my Horns walloped the Owls. According to the AP report , the Horns thoroughly dominated the Owls in every aspect of the game. There was one thing which UT quarterback Colt McCoy said after the game:

”We made a lot of mistakes,” McCoy said. ”Their defensive line was yelling things. They did a great job of yelling and moving around and throwing us off.”

Colt, if for the rest of the season, UT’s opponents “yell things” and it gets the team a 52-7 victory they can yell all they want. Last time I checked “yelling” did not show up in the stat sheet or the final score.

Hook ‘em Horns!


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