Spicoli and the Dixie Chicks, what a team!

Saw a couple of news stories on Drudge today. Stories involving wealthy celebrities (Sean Penn and the Dixie Chicks) criticizing President Bush. In Penn’s story , he calls Bush a “Beelzebub—and a dumb one”. Beelzebub is another name for Satan, the chief miscreant in all of God’s creation.

The Dixie Chick story gives us an insight into their upcoming documentary. In this piece, lead singer Natalie Maines calls the President “a dumb f***”.

While I disagree with these people’s descriptions of our 43rd president, I understand that they have the right to express their dogmatic opinion. I understand that they are upset with their President because he’s not Chairman Mao or Comrade Stalin. Others who don’t agree with Mr. Bush’s policies have gone as far as calling him a fascist and insisting that this great country is a fascist dictatorship. I have personally spoken with an individual who has used these terms in describing the way things are in these United States of America. This person is an immigrant (like me) and I’m not sure why he doesn’t return to his native country if it’s so bad here, but that’s neither here nor there.

If Bush is a fascist (which a good dictionary proves that he’s not) then in true fascist form he should have Penn and Maines arrested for daring to criticize him. As a good fascist, Bush should have camps set up where he sends those who disagree with him. Camps where the oppressed like Penn and Maines are either gassed or put to work, isn’t that what our model fascist, Adolf Hitler did? By the way, Bush also has been compared to Adolf himself.

My question is this: What would happen to Penn and Maines if they were Iranian citizens living in say Qom or Tehran and they made similar comments about the Iranian President? Or if they lived in Nazi Germany and criticized Hitler like this?

Let me suggest to these people that they might be better off relocating to beacons of freedom like North Korea, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, or China. Since it is so horrible here in this country, let them go to these places and criticize the wonderful human beings that run these countries and see what that gets them. C’mon Spicoli, I dare you!


2 Responses to Spicoli and the Dixie Chicks, what a team!

  1. edarrell says:

    1. Natalie Maines is not worried because Bush is NOT Stalinesque, but rather, because his policies lean too much in that direction.

    2. That the only comparison you can think of is the Iranian government, which the Bush team hopes to label as “Islamofascist,” shows the danger of where we are, and the paucity of moral character left to the current administration.

    One would hope that comparisons could be made to Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln or the two Roosevelts. Even Eisenhower would be good. Instead, Bush is compared to an oppressive government in an Islamic-law country. Ouch.

  2. Lazaro says:

    I doubt if Maines knows who Stalin is, but then again I have a thing for assumptions 😉
    I do give her props for committing career suicide, whether it was deserved or not…

    Well it seems to me that if given the chance the great leader of Iran would leap at the chance to enforce his view of things on the rest of the world. A view in which homosexuality, adultery, among other ‘freedoms’ we pretend we don’t have here, are capital crimes.

    I merely posed the question, as to how that shows the danger we’re in I’ll leave to your imagination…

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