God and 9/11

Watched a PBS special on the 9/11 attacks. Did not watch the entire thing just managed to catch some heart-breaking stories of those who lost loved ones in the tragedy. I cannot fathom losing a loved one much less a child in any situation much less in such a horrible way; it hurts just to think about it since I am now a father. I remember what I felt like on that day here in Texas so far away from this world-changing event. While the events of that day were not as striking here in Texas as they were in NYC my heart went out to those lives lost in the most unimaginable way possible. Throughout the subsequent days my heart also went out to the loved ones of the dead, loved ones like the ones featured on tonight’s show.

This being said, I also managed to catch Act 2 of the aforementioned program, the one dealing with God and all the questions that were lobbed in His direction after 9/11. The same people who lost loved ones were asked about how their faith (if any) was affected by the events. The most common questions asked of God were, “Where were You?” and “Why did You let this happen?” I don’t think any of us trapped in time have answers to these questions. What is known though is that it was the actions of men, evil men whose religion is as false as a 3 dollar bill, which caused this tragedy.

So where was God? The same place He’s always been, watching His Only Son being arrested, spat on, unfairly accused, beaten, condemned and nailed to a cross by men, evil men whose religion was also as false as a 3 dollar bill. Could He have prevented this atrocity against His Only Begotten Son? Sure, of course but the consequence of Him intervening and preventing Jesus’ Atonement is one that is too terrible to contemplate. So terrible in fact, that the events of 9/11 pale in comparison to the eternal separation from God that results from not being covered in the blood of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. As to what purpose God had in allowing 9/11 to happen (the fact that it did happen means that it was destined to happen) we can’t know but we can trust that He knows what’s He doing. God rules over His creation and does not owe us an explanation.

As to the people that ‘lost’ their faith in Him after 9/11, I’m sorry to inform you that your faith was non-existent, a mirage and based on a god of your design, of your own thoughts. You believed in a false god, an idol to use old terminology. You believed in the god of the popular religion of America. In other words you believed in a god who you only acknowledged when something went wrong. Your ‘faith’ was in a god who was your servant and thus imaginary.

I believed in this same god once, but was awakened out of this belief and into true faith by the One True God. Yeah that’s right the transcendent God, the God of Abraham, ISAAC, Jacob, and David. Yes the same One who sent Jesus of Nazareth as Messiah, to be born, to live, to teach us, to die and to gloriously resurrect in order to offer us hope, hope in eternal life in His Glorious Presence. To Him be the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory, Now and Forever, Amen.

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