Dennis Prager and Howard Zinn have tea

Howard Zinn is a name which I have heard before. First in the rantings of one Ed Vedder during a Pearl Jam show in Boston. Second, in the gushing admiration which one of my sisters has for the man. Zinn is professor emeritus of political science at Boston University. Vedder wrote a song based on Zinn’s writings, “Down”. Political statements aside the song is quite catchy and I enjoy listening to it.

Dr. Zinn has written many books one of which I’ve been interested in reading for some time, “A People’s History of the United States” . My dear sister has informed me that Zinn’s version of history is more accurate than what is taught in public school. She owns 3 copies of this book (don’t ask why I don’t) and I’m trying to borrow one from her.

Prager , a conservative radio host, had Dr. Zinn on his show and in this column (1st of a multi-part series), Prager gives us an excerpt of their conversation on his show.

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