Starring, Jerry Falwell as Bill Clinton

Allow me to lay out a hypothetical scenario:

A major network (say CBS) produces and decides to air a controversial docu-drama.  The show focuses on the Council at Nicea which occurred in 325 AD.  The claim of the show is that the bishops in attendance were forced to declare Jesus of Nazareth as God at the behest of Emperor Constantine.  The show also points out that before this meeting of bishops, Jesus was never called God or anything close to it by His followers.  In other words the the person of Jesus and the word divinity were strangers before this council.

Upon learning of the airing of the show, Christian leaders call for the network to modify and change the show’s contents because they are not pleased with how their Leader is portrayed.  One particular leader, say Jerry Falwell, has his lawyers write a letter to said network demanding that the show be cancelled and thus not be aired. 

Now, I merely pose the following questions:  What do you think the media would tell Jerry Falwell?  Would they remain silent and not criticize the Reverend for attempting to stifle the network’s freedom to air the show?  Or would they sit back and put pressure on CBS to edit or cancel the show?  And would they just tell the good reverend to stuff it and instead of complaining to go read the Bill of Rights?

I don’t know I guess only time will tell…


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