Be ready for the next Katrina!

In his latest offering , Marvin Olasky tells us about personal responsibility and how it pertains to the Katrina fiasco a year ago. The ever helpful professor also gives us some useful hurricane preparedness tips, especially to those of us who live close to coastal areas.

While he does not address the major culprit in this whole saga, I will do so here. I blame the government for what happened but not for the popular reasons. Some blame the federal government and inexplicably the President for not doing enough to help the poor disenfranchised souls stuck at the Superdome and the convention center. Some blame the government for deliberately collapsing the levees, this crowd is 1st cousins with the “9-11 was an inside job” crowd, and distant relatives to “the Holocaust never happened” folk, with the President of Iran playing the long-lost crazy uncle, but I digress…

This is the reason I blame the government: For creating a culture that makes people dependent on government for their every need, a welfare culture if you will. Most of the people affected, I believe, have this mentality. What other mentality are they to have when the government has conditioned them this way? There are exceptions of course, click here to read about one case.

If the government was paying me not to work what would I do? Probably, though I hope not, over time I would fail to see the necessity to work and to assume personal responsibility. Why if the government can do it for me? This mentality goes all the way to the top of the civic government food chain, yes Ray Nagin himself. He expected the feds to do more, this is evidenced by his lack of initiative in not using the local school buses to get people out of Dodge.

People that were repeatedly told to get out of town, OK fine, some didn’t have a way to leave but what? They couldn’t have followed the usual guidelines for riding out a hurricane? Save some water/food, well Olasky talks about this in his column . My theory is that they didn’t do squat for themselves because they expected the government to take care of them, absolving them of any personal responsibility.

It’s almost like they expected the feds to shoo Katrina away to protect them, no? What do you expect from a populace that not only elected a racist demagogue like Ray Nagin as mayor, but re-elected him after this whole mess?


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