Forced Conversion, Part One

Fox News Correspondent Steve Centanni (and his cameraman) were released early this week after being held hostage by a group calling themselves “Holy Jihad Brigades”, yes adherents of the religion of peace.

During his stay with these men Centanni was “encouraged” (at gunpoint) to accept the tenets of Islam, or to convert to Islam. We know this because his captors released a tape where Centanni says he converted.

I don’t know Centanni but I am glad that he’s back safe and sound with his loved ones. We should all be grateful that he didn’t suffer the same fate as Nick Berg, who was beheaded by another group composed of more adherents of the religion of peace (or freedom fighters as some in the media like to romanticize them with, hi Brian Willams). Of course there is that element of the American (international?) public that believes that the hooded murderers who beheaded Berg (on tape) were really CIA operatives tasked to make Islamofascism look bad (as if it needs any help from infidels).

Since I don’t know Centanni, I don’t know what his religious convictions are. I know what they are not, a forced conversion (even to the religion of peace) is no conversion at all. So he really did not convert to Islam or did he? He hasn’t retracted his allegiance to Allah or Mohammed so I’ll assume that he really is a Muslim while paradoxically holding on to my earlier statement (forced conversion is no conversion).

So why do I care about any of this? I don’t, though I do care for Centanni insofar he is a fellow human being, made in the image of God (whether he believes it or not). I care that his family doesn’t have to grieve his death at the hands of practitioners of the religion of peace.

To be continued…

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