The Miseducation of Dr. Francis Collins

Dr. Francis Collins is director of the Human Genome Research Project and believes in God while maintaining (like CS Lewis) that evolution was the mechanism God created with. He wrote a book about it, an attempt to mesh the unmeshable.

Dr. Albert Mohler comments on this book and on Dr. Collins’ viewpoint. Of particular interest was the reaction of one David Klinghoffer, but don’t take my word for it, click here to see Mohler’s commentary.

14 Responses to The Miseducation of Dr. Francis Collins

  1. edarrell says:

    Here’s another case of Mohler letting his ignorance get the better of him. Mohler thinks God can’t be God if God doesn’t create the way Mohler says, and no other way — and no, for heaven’s sake don’t confuse Mohler with the facts that God has presented to us. They are wrong, wrong, wrong! in Mohler’s view (never mind that they represent God).

    If that’s not elitist, to tell God what to do, what is?

  2. Lazaro says:

    So I take it you’re not a subscriber to a literal reading of Genesis 1? Well yes He has presented us with facts but as human beings we interpret these facts based on our own presuppositions…

    If Mohler is presumptous enough to tell God what to do, then elitist is a pretty tame moniker for such a person…

  3. edarrell says:

    A literal Genesis 1 precludes Genesis 2, not to mention John 1. Nor to mention any of the other creation stories in the Bible.

    Depending on the canon one uses, there are four to eight different creation stories told. All of them have two things in common: The message that God is behind all of creation, and the message that God created out of love. In most other particulars, there is conflict.

    So, if one of the creation stories is supposed to be literal, the others are wrong. The literalists reject more of the Bible than the rest of us do. What’s up with that?

  4. Lazaro says:

    There’s different canons? so other than Gen 1/2 and John 1 what are the other ‘different’ creation accounts?

    you have a stronger case with Gen 1 and 2 as being different accounts… the John 1 example I don’t see it, this chapter is merely affirming that Jesus was there in the beginning… God spoke the universe into existence in Genesis 1, one speaks with words or in this case Word, so John 1 is re-affirming Genesis 1…

    you might have a case with Gen1 and 2, how sure are you that these 2 are contradictory?

  5. edarrell says:

    Off the top of my head, Job recounts a creation story, too, but it’s radically different from Genesis. (Job 29 or so, again depending on the canon). Proverbs 8:22-31, and Wisdom 9 & 10.

    In the Catholic canon, Ecclesiasticus 24 has yet another account, and Baruch 3.9 to 4.4 carries a creation story.

    The order of creation differs between Genesis 1 and 2, as well as the name of God. No, Genesis 2 is not an expansion of Genesis 1. The discrepancies between the stories were noticed at least a thousand years before Jesus, and there is commentary on the differences in the Talmud and other Jewish tradition.

  6. Lazaro says:

    I’ll have to check the Job one out, as well as the one in Proverbs. As for the deuterocanonical books they are just that, deuterocanonical and not God-breathed Scripture…

    Ok, you believe Genesis 2 is not an expansion of Genesis 1, right? I’ll have to re-read them and I’ll get back to you…. What the talmud has to say on the matter is really of zero consequence, after all it’s not inspired Scripture either…

  7. Pablo says:

    All truth is God’s truth. What is a year, a minute, a second to the almighty? God created us with human limitations to our thought. We can not think like God. Therefore he left a Church to guide us, and from the Church, a book. Whatever Genesis is (literal or symbolic), it is God’s truth, and the focus should be elsewhere.

  8. Pablo says:

    The Deuterocanonical books were considered sacred scripture for 1500 years by Christians. The apostles elude to them many times, and in the Septuagint, they exist. Non-Christian Jews took them out of their of their old testament Cannon nearly 100 years after Christ, but Christians never authorized this. For thousands of years after the NT cannon was made selected at the Council of Nicea, the Deuterocanonical books remained in Christendom. When the schisms occured in the 1500s, it was taken out by certain people, but the original Christan thought for 1500 years believed what is true concerning the Deuterocanonical books.

  9. Laz says:

    Pablo thank you for your input, can you please offer up one Apocryphal citation in the New Testament?

    Funny you mention truth, Jesus claimed to be Truth, not merely as one having truth, but He is Truth.

    No Pablo, the Church does not guide us, the Holy Spirit guides us. Scripture makes that clear.

    Yes God is outside of the constraints of time (we, obviously are not). Yet why He chose to tell us (through Moses) that He created in 6 literal days when He really meant longer periods of time is beyond me.

  10. Allen says:

    Genesis 2
    “1 Thus the heavens and the earth, and all the host of them, were finished. 2 And on the seventh day God ended His work which He had done, and He rested on the seventh day from all His work which He had done.”

    These first two verses of Genesis 2 prove that they are a continueation of the first chapter.

    Gen 2:8 The LORD God planted a garden eastward in Eden, and there He put the man whom He had formed.

    This conferms that Creation had already occurred. God is simply describing some of the detail work now.

    The Word of God is true Because God is Truth. If you study the Bible in its original language you’ll find that the word used for “day”, when used with a number, means a literal 24 hour day. God created the entire universe in a mere 144 hours(give or take an hour).

    By the way I’m only a high-school student
    1 Timothy 4:12 “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.”

  11. Ed Darrell says:

    The Word of God is true Because God is Truth. If you study the Bible in its original language you’ll find that the word used for “day”, when used with a number, means a literal 24 hour day. God created the entire universe in a mere 144 hours(give or take an hour).

    The Word of God may be true. One of the problems with Genesis, however, is that we have no way of telling which parts of the Word of God and which are not. The various stories were written down by humans, some after centuries of oral repetition, at different times, in different places, by different people.

    If you study Hebrew, you’ll find the word translated as “day” in Genesis 1, “yom,” almost always means an indefinite period. In other uses in Genesis, it covers periods as small as an hour, and as large as “many years.”

    The editing of the seque from Genesis 1 to Genesis 2 was done long after each was written. That the first two verses of Genesis 2 refer to Genesis 1 is a function of the editor’s choice, and proves nothing at all.

    The Bible is a great book. We don’t need people making claims about its veracity and story telling power that stretch it way beyond what it was intended to do.

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  13. Virgil H. Soule says:

    Here’s the problem with creation v. evolution: It is obvious that the acts of creation took place in our four-dimensional universe and that they took time to accomplish. That means physical processes were involved. What were those processes? The Bible doesn’t describe what God actually did in the creation – only that it was done.

    For example: God said, “Let light appear,” and light appeared. What happened in the gap between the command in the supernatural realm and the action in the natural realm? We do not and cannot know. We only know what light is. We have the same problem with the rest of creation. We see it but can’t say how it came to be in our universe.

    That implies to me that the question has been left to us as a homework assignment of sorts. Charles Darwin proposed a theory of evolution that employs natural selection as the physical process by which biological speciation occurred. Modern biology has added disciplines like genetics and microbiology. So far, Evolution is the best and only scientific theory explaining in physical terms how this world’s flora and fauna came to be.

    Evolution does not and cannot prove that God doesn’t exist or didn’t perform the acts of creation described in Genesis. Those who say otherwise are expressing their own personal beliefs, not describing any scientific discoveries. Belief in a miraculous creation is fine for some but, for others who want to delve more deeply, modern science provides reasonable answers.

    As for Al Mohler, I note that his blog site doesn’t allow for responses to his pronouncements. This is typical of those for whom dogma is their guiding light.

  14. Laz says:

    Virgil thanks for your thoughtful comment. Do you believe in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ?

    As for you comment on Dr. Mohler’s blog, it might have to do with the fact that the man has an institution to run. I don’t have the man’s responsibilities (or his readership) yet hardly have much time to respond to the few comments I get on here.

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