What would you do?

I have never been a ‘dog-person.’ As a child we mostly had cats and we all grew pretty attached to them and were saddened when they either died, ran away or were killed by our mother’s carelessness behind the wheel (ok it only happened once). We did have a dog who we creatively named, “Spot.” He was a stray who we took in, but after several attempts to get to China in our backyard our dad got rid of Spot.

I have seen the fanaticism and downright idolatry (can I say that?) that some dog owners have towards their animals (yes they’re animals not people). This is mostly an American phenomenon, for in my native Mexico this doesn’t happen. The majority of people are too busy worshipping the Virgin Mary and thus dogs are ignored as objects of worship.

I’ve wanted to take a one question survey of American dog-owners in which the following question was asked:

“If you had a choice between the immediate death of your dog or a person who was a total stranger, who would you choose?”

I would like to think, in my idealism, that most dog owners would understand that human life is far more valuable than animal life and thus choose the immediate death of the dog. However I have a sneaking suspicion that a majority would choose the total stranger to perish instead of their dog.

If this is the case (again, I’m not sure since I haven’t taken the survey) what does this say of a society such as this one? A society which values animal life more than it does human life?


10 Responses to What would you do?

  1. I vote that the dog or cat perish, and the human live. At least the human being has a chance to hear the gospel and have the opportunity to accept Christ.

  2. tina miles says:

    I love my dog very much, maybe more than most, and I am very saddened by cruelty to any animal. but human life is to be regarded far above that of an animal. We don’t know if that stranger knows the Lord, and by some means might hear the good news of the gospel and be saved. Even if the stranger were already a christian, his life is far more valuble than the pet. Per haps the question to pet owners should be raised would you choose to live if it came down to you or your pet.

  3. Lazaro says:

    Though you 2 are a small sampling, you are restoring my faith in the common sense of the American Pet Owner…

  4. sandy says:

    This is a bogus question and not enough information. Is the stranger threatening me? My dog I can call off if there is no threat.

    Any reasonable person would choose a human over an animal regardless of nationality; theirs or the strangers. Worship dogs?? Americans worship God, revere the Virgin Mary, and are devoted to their pets.

  5. Lazaro says:

    It’s not that bogus when you consider that some would choose the dog’s life. To some people a boy is a dog is a rat is a roach, so the question is not that bogus to them.

    What I meant by worship dogs is that some give their dogs primacy in their lives, over God which quite frankly is idolatry. Thank you for your comment.

  6. Eve says:

    I would definately choose a human over a dog, although I am very attached to my own dog. As far as I know, dogs do not have souls, however humans do,and I could not live with myself if I sent someone into eternity unprepared by choosing a dog over a person. Besides God sets the standard for valuing life and we, not dogs, are made in His image.

  7. jules says:

    What if they chose the life of the dog over the human?And since we’re hypothesizing situations, the next day, that dog pulls 25 kids from a burning school? Then would we all of sudden applaud that person and say “You did the right thing, killing that person, God obviously had bigger plans for the dog!Kudos to you and the dog!” Who knows? More importantly, it doesn’t matter what others might do, it matters what you do and God sorts out the rest. Have we run out of ways to feel superior in our love for God that we have to hypothesize and/or imagine ourselves or some random dog owner in a canine/human life or death scenario so we can say “I choose the human! I was wondering if I had my priorities straight but yes, I do. I choose the human! And that person over there, who dresses his dog in clothing and feeds him t-bones, they prolly don’t. Shame on them! Kudos for me!” Meanwhile, that person feeding their dog T-bones may also be fostering 12 children and working 5 nights a week at a soup kitchen. Who are we to judge? The real question is “Who would the dog choose?”

  8. jules says:

    I realize I didn’t answer the question. Would I choose the human or dog? I don’t even like dogs so much. I’m leaning toward the human. What if you had to choose a Christian versus an anti-chrsitian? Sigh…. I hate hypothesis.

  9. Lazaro says:

    My aim in this post was not to feel superior to others. I merely asked the question, “what would you do?” What I would do is to choose the stranger’s life, why? Because humans (even one’s enemies) are more valuable than animals (domesticated or not). Some of the responses were very encouraging, especially the ones from pet owners. I have personally spoken with someone who would choose her pet’s life over a human being’s. Do I think I’m better than her? Of course not. Do I think her moral compass is off? Yes but that doesn’t mean that I think myself a better person than her.

    As to your hypo on the Christian v. the pagan, I’d pick the pagan to live, that gives him/her more time to come to a saving faith in Christ, whereas the Christian would die to spend eternity with Christ.

  10. Katryna says:

    I think by assuming that people worship idols by their relationships with their dogs is off in the first place. Some people are close to their dogs because they have been shunned by other stupid people – and the dog is the only one who accepts them as they are. Some infertile people have dogs in place of the children they can’t have. Some lonely Christian singles have dogs because its depressing to live alone and they don’t want to go outside of God’s will and live with a boyfriend or girlfriend.

    As for the question, yes, I would choose to save the human (although if the particular human was Manson or Hitler, I’d have to go with the dog), but I think it’s really callous to just assume that a dog is “just a dog”. God created dogs, too, and they aren’t worthless.

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