Let me preface the following by saying that no I’m not the world’s biggest Superchic[k] fan (didn’t like 311 either) and I don’t play one on the radio. My wife really likes their song, “We live,” which by the way, is getting some airtime on MTV (from what I hear) and it’s the theme song to an upcoming ABC show starring Callista Flockhart (aka Ally McBeal). Props to Superchic[k] for crossing-over into the so-called “mainstream”, a possible but hard thing to do for a Christian music act. For other examples of this see Switchfoot, P.O.D, Jars of Clay, among others.

Let me also say that we saw this group live at a local radio station’s musicfest and needless to say I was not thoroughly impressed, the fact that they drew a midday slot in the Houston heat probably didn’t help matters. They did try and were pretty energetic and somewhat entertaining.

So what does this have to do with anything? Well today (as is my custom) I was listening to LaunchRadio and “We live” by Superchic[k] came on, I kind of like the song so I didn’t spike it. I decided to check out their website to see if there was any excitement over one of their songs getting airtime in the ‘mainstream.’ Their site was pure vanilla as far as band websites are concerned (Flash, music samples, etc.)

There is a link on their website titled “What We Believe.” Interested in what these hip Christian rockers had to say, I clicked on it and this is what I found:
“What we believe: It is very simple. We believe that every person regardless of age, gender, size or any other reason you can come up with, was created on purpose and for a purpose. Every person has greatness in them and something special and unique to offer the world. The world doesn’t stand in our way. Other people don’t stand in our way. We are the only thing standing in our way. We are the ones who define who we are by the choices that we make every day and the things that we choose to believe about ourselves and about life. And don’t think that you can just remain unseen and not be affecting people because even by not doing anything that affects someone that you could have reached out to. We have a world out there that is a mess and looking for someone or something to give them a reason to live. It is our responsibility to start doing something. Don’t limit yourself or the impact that you can have in changing the world. You could be the next Mother Teresa that shows millions love or a janitor that shows one person love. It’s not in the big or in the small it’s in the doing…”

I don’t want what I’m about to say to be interpreted as one Christian tearing down another Christian(s). Far be it from me to take a sarcastic and condescending attitude towards this or any other group of believers (my friends at the Slice included, j/k Pastor Ken). That being said, what they believe is very noble and very enlightening but how does their belief in Jesus fit into all this? Why is the mention of Jesus inexplicably missing if they’re Christians? If someone asked me what I believed, I don’t think I would leave Jesus out of my response but then again I don’t stand to lose coin or fans if I respond with what I really believe (not that this excuses their omission.)

Maybe not all members of the band are Christian? that could be a reason I suppose. Their statement is pretty neutral as far as a particular religion is concerned, you could be a Buddhist, Muslim, Jew, Hindu or anything else and use Superchic[k]’s statement as your statement. If their intent in not mention Jesus is not to alienate their fans who aren’t Christians then why in the world put a “What we believe” link? A better question to not alienating fans is bringing up Jesus’ own words:

“Do you suppose that I came to grant peace on earth? I tell you, no, but rather division” Luke 12:51

I don’t demand an explanation from the band (I wouldn’t buy their record one way or another) but as Christians how can they leave out Jesus Christ, the one they claim to believe and follow, when stating their beliefs? If you’re that embarrassed over His Name then don’t talk about beliefs in your site, but hey that’s just me. It’s not like Jesus ever spoke of what happens when we’re ashamed of Him, oh wait a minute…


2 Responses to Superomissio[n]

  1. Kirk says:

    I found your site by looking for the same answer – If you find it, post it here and I will do the same.
    I am glad I am not the only one who thought that.
    I am looking for “Christian Bands” for my soon to be teenage daughter.
    The Barlow Girls are one I found for her

  2. Lazaro says:

    Thank you for visiting this site and for your comment, short of asking the band I don’t think we’ll get answer… I suppose we could shoot them an email… Rebecca St. James is someone I would recommend, my wife thinks pretty highly of her…

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