Sowell on Survival

Thomas Sowell writes on the survival of Western Civilization in the face of hate-filled fanatics who are capable of anything, as we have seen (unless what we have seen is a fabrication of the government-media complex with consultation by the CIA.)

This kind of leaves me to wonder if what Sowell fears actually becomes a reality, what does that mean eschatologically speaking? Of course it’s foolish to worry about such things, the thing we are commanded to do is to be ready for the Master’s return.

Click here to read Sowell’s column.


2 Responses to Sowell on Survival

  1. How do we make sure we are ready?

  2. Lazaro says:

    Something to do with the Master coming back and finding us at His work, which of course is telling the world about Him, all other tasks are should server this one, no?

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