Houston Astros, the “God squad”

I’ll have to begrudgingly thank Cardinal fan, Tim Ellsworth for bringing this story to my attention (via his blog, click on his name to go to it). Pretty sad when a Cardinal fan points an Astros fan to a story about his home team in the Houston Chronicle, but I digress.

Anyway, this story about the faith of the Astros (feat. Lance Berkman) ran in the Houston Chronicle last Tuesday. The reporter interviews Berkman and the 2 have a nice chat regarding Christianity and the strong Christian presence in the Astros, pretty cool. I’ve known about these guys for some time, Morgan Ensberg’s wife, Christy (sp?) is a regular on the local Christian music station, 89.3 FM KSBJ . I think she’s on Mondays between 2-4 pm. My wife and I have also heard the Everett’s and the Burke’s on this station. It’s great the testimony these guys and their gals give. Keep it up!!!

(9/25/06) I have substituted the Houston Chronicle story with one from the Houston Press. The Press story is similar in nature to the Chronicle one though it doesn’t focus on Lance Berkman as much. To read the Houston Press story click here .


3 Responses to Houston Astros, the “God squad”

  1. Doug Graham says:

    Good to see these guys getting attention in a sports world that usually doesn’t pull out stories like this!

  2. Glad I could throw a bone to the Astros fan.

    In all seriousness, if the Astros weren’t in the same division as St. Louis, I’d pull for them most of the time because of the players you’ve mentioned. Berkman, Ensberg, Everett, Scott, Burke, Palmeiro — all are solid believers.

  3. Lazaro says:

    It’s hard to root against Pujols, well maybe no since he’s responsible for ‘ruining’ Lidge, but yeah the Cards seem to be a bunch of nice guys too

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