CS Lewis on going to church

“I found that this [going to church] meant being a target. It is extraordinary how inconvenient to your family it becomes for you to get up early to go to church. It doesn’t matter so much if you get up early for anything else, but if you get up early to go to church it’s very selfish of you and you upset the house.”


After reading this from CS Lewis, I expanded it a bit more. It’s almost like no one cares if you are passionate about the home team, i.e. you keep up with the stats and read all the articles you can on them and post them on your blog, go to the yard to watch them in person and while you’re there you drop serious coin on concessions.

What about a favorite band? You join the fan club, buy the CDs, go to their shows drop $30 for a t-shirt, learn the songs and sing along passionately at the top of your lungs, and guess what? No one thinks of you as strange or as a fanatic (yes you’re called a fan which is short for a fanatic, but these 2 words have totally different connotations).

Yet, the moment that you reveal to people you know that you have been born from above, more often than not the response is not a positive one. It’s not the same as when you tell them that you love that one band or that one team. Sometimes you might get the word ‘fanatic’ thrown at you and not in the least flattering way.

So the moral of the story is: be fanatical at all costs for things which in the grand scheme of things are completely and utterly useless but don’t you dare show any passion and conviction when it comes to what is eternal, a little backwards is it not?




One Response to CS Lewis on going to church

  1. Beth says:

    i aqree. it’s odd to people i go to church, it’s od i teach preaschol level sunday school classes for fun. it’s wierd that Ii love Jesus. it’s even wierder that i waited till marriage for sex. they way i see it, priorities are all screwed up.

    and, i love cs lewis, what a wonderful man and a great author. for such a long time he was an athiest until he scientifically realized it made no sense for there not to be one.

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