FC Barcelona gana la Supercopa

On this day of rest, I had the privilege, if I may call it that, to witness a live Barcelona match, courtesy of Telemundo.  For the record I will watch any match called by Andres Cantor, regardless who’s playing, well almost.  If he calls an MLS game I might hesitate.

Back to Barca, they won the “Supercopa” by beating Espanyol 3-0 (4-0 in the aggregate).  I was very impressed with the explosiveness of Lionel Messi, the Argentine phenom.  This guy is so fast he makes opposing defenders look like they’re running in Nickelodeon’s Best.    No wonder the Argentines were left wondering what might have been at the World Cup.

The chap I was not terribly impressed with was Ronaldinho, yes he had his moments of brilliance (think Jason Williams’ passing) but I did not see the game breaker that he’s supposed to be.  Is it just me or do Messi and Ronaldinho like to only pass to each other? 

El Kaiser de Michoacan (Rafa Marquez) had an OK game.  He must have had since Espanyol couldn’t get through the wall anchored by my countryman and George Villareal lookalike, Carles Puyol.

Another player I was impressed with was Deco,  His goal on that half-bicycle was pretty cool, but more noteworthy was the dude’s hustle (we won’t mention his questionable slide tackles). 

I would like to thank Andres Cantor and his team at Telemundo for bringing us, the cable/dish-less crowd the best club in the world.    


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