Who’ll go for the best of the 90s?

Ok, we’ve all seen them, the Time-Life Decade compilations.  Rock 70s and Soul 70s are the ones that I’ve seen the most.  Except for a few of these infomercials, they know what they are they don’t mince words like that Kevin Trudeau fellow, who pretends he’s not in an informercial.

Rock 70s one has some model looking woman and Roger Daltrey (lead singer of the Who) pitching the best from such bands as Boston, Kiss, El Elton, the Who, and other 70s icons.  Soul 70s, however has that one beat, it’s Isaac Hayes who hosts it.  We get to see the real soul acts, like O’Jays, Rufus, the Jackson 5, yeah I admit it I almost caved and bought this thing.

So why do I bring all this stuff up?  I was thinking that maybe in 14 years or so, Time-Life is going to trot out their best of the 90’s compilation.  They’ll have acts like Everything but the Girl, Dishwalla, 311, Real McCoy, Donna Lewis, Blues Traveler, Ace of Base, En Vogue among others but who’s going to host it?  A co-worker and I tossed some names around and came up with the following:  Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani, the Gallagher brothers (this would be the most entertaining), Ed Vedder (never in a millenia).

As we deliberated though, the perfect hosts came up on LaunchRadio (have I mentioned how cool LaunchRadio is?).  You might recognize them from such hits as “Wannabe”,  that’s right the Spice Girls.  I can’t think of a better group of people to host this thing.  By 2020 they’ll be a little older but hey Daltrey is no spring chicken.

I vote yea for The Spice Girls in 2020!!!  I don’t know maybe we’ll get a reunion tour with Becks opening up for them…


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