The Church (universal) and Militant Islam

By the Church I refer to the Body of believers throughout the world, not any particular denomination. I refer to those who are sealed by the Holy Spirit of God and thus new creations. In other words, followers of Christ…

By Militant Islam I refer to what seems to be an ideology which may or may not be true Islam (not informed enough to make the distinction if there is one). An ideology which wants theocratic rule over society, more specifically a society based on the Koran, kind of like they have in some countries already. An ideology which is capable in committing anything in the name of Allah, of course…

There’s a healthy(un-?) debate in the West, whether this threat from these people is genuine or not. Some see it as an imaginary terror which current Western leaders have used to win elections, others see the threat of Militant Islam as a real threat against Western civilization or civilization period.

I’ll take the position that Islamic fascism (because Sharia law is just that, someone correct me if I’m wrong) is a threat to world stability as long as the whole world isn’t under Islamic rule. I’ll assume that these maniacs who cover up their women and celebrat the loss of civilian life want nothing more than to have the entire world population under Sharia law and will behead as many people as possible to do so.

What is the Christians’ role in this clash of civilizations? If the Islamists succeed in taking over the world rest assured things will not get better for most, including Christians. Persecution will be fierce, like it is in Saudi and Iran now, if not worse. We know that the church is at its best (in sharing the Gospel) when beset by persecution so would this be a good thing? If we resist this evil are we postponing the Lord’s Return (if that is possible)? What should (if there is a should) be our position in this matter?


3 Responses to The Church (universal) and Militant Islam

  1. Henry Frueh says:

    Our position Biblically? Preach the gospel and leave the politics to Satan. We could use a good dose of persecution, maybe that will bring the church away from the hedonistic table and back to the prayer closet.

  2. Lazaro says:

    Thank you for your comment btw… 

    I agree, preach the gospel this is the task at hand… the politics part was a first for me, lol… it makes sense that he’s behind the political process does it not? So can a Christian be a politico? is that possible?

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