Los mentados studies

Translation: “So-called” studies (let it be noted that ‘mentado’ carries more frustration than ‘so-called.”)

Forgive my brief dabbling in Spanglish (that horrific hybrid of a ‘language’ used by many people here in Texas) but I really couldn’t think of a better way to voice my frustration at the lackadaisical use of ‘studies’ in all sorts of reports and news stories. Maybe this is why “Mexican-American studies” professors talk about Spanglish as being a ‘language’ born of protest and frustration, living proof this post is.

I’ve encountered news stories claiming all sorts of fantastical things which are well-grounded in well-documented ‘studies.’ John Stossel from 20/20 exposes many of these claims and studies for the farces that they are.

In my daily life people tell me all sorts of things based on studies. Someone has told me that omega-3-fatty acids are the best thing since sliced bread. According to this person, these supplements according to ‘studies’ can cure cancer, AIDS, TB, athlete’s foot and help prevent heart attacks, stroke, diabetes and traffic accidents (this last sentence has been brought to you by the literary device known as hyperbole). You would be a fool or just someone who does not care about his/her life if you don’t take these things, or so I’m told. There’s more omega-3’s than you need in salmon but you can’t have that because studies show that salmon have more mercury than some thermometers, so you have to take supplements of omega-3.

Let’s just leave out the fact that the aforementioned individual is involved in an MLM which sells bottles of omega-3, so I’m sure his only real concern is to make sure people lead healthy lives and not making a profit. Which leads me to the point that studies are used to back up things which may or may not be true and are part of someone’s agenda, the most famous example is ‘global warming.’

The reason I bring all this up is because Thomas Sowell wrote a column about ‘studies’ and the reliability of these things when cited in the print media. Mr. Sowell makes some excellent points but judge for yourself by clicking here.

Addendum: Sowell’s column is apparently part 2 of a 3-part series, click here to read the first part and here to read the 3rd part.


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