The US a theocracy? Get real

The word ‘theocracy’ has been thrown around pretty much since Dubya took office. He was supposedly going to usher a ‘theocracy’ with his policies. Well it hasn’t happened as we have all seen. To some the status quo might seem like a theocracy because things like ‘gay marriage’ aren’t endorsed and celebrated by the government.

To these people I pose the following question: Have you any idea what a theocracy is or what one looks like? I suggest you check out the Torah where you can read how punishment is doled out to those who break the law in a theocracy. Rebellious children are to be stoned to death as well as adulterers (both parties) and those who break certain religious laws. I have not read of any government sanctioned executions of any of the people on MTV Spring Break or even on “Queer Eye…” Because in a theocracy nothing approaching MTV would be allowed to exist and forget all the gay pride marches that happen here in this ‘theocracy.’

Ask the citizens of Iran what a theocracy is. Ask the gays living in Iran if the US is a theocracy, oh wait you can’t because they’re all dead or too afraid to speak out.

Chuck Colson wrote a column regarding this matter in which he explains the ludicrousness of the US ‘theocracy’ claims.

Click here to read Colson’s column.


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