Arresting Christians

I was browsing the vast expanse that is Wikipedia and somehow or another came across President Jimmy Carter’s entry.  His politics aside, I read an interesting question in his entry.  It was from a sermon which Mr. Carter heard as a youth and it went like this:

“If you were arrested for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?”

I immediately applied this to my own life (as most normal people would) and found it lacking, of evidence that is.  Really though, what kind of evidence is there to be seen?  Who but God can see our hearts and truly know of our regeneration? 

How would a government go about determining who the Christians are?  Hitting the church membership rolls would probably be the first thing.  Then what?  How would you prove who’s Christian and who’s not?  An impossible task unless you’re God Himself. 

I suppose the feds could bring in people who are members of a church, then asking them point blank if they are Christians.  I wonder what percentage of church members would reveal themselves to be Christians?  An interesting question indeed… 


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