Deep Sadness

I picked up today’s edition of Rumbo, a nationwide Spanish-language circular, to read on my way to work this morning. There was a picture from the Israeli airstrike in Qana, Lebanon. I had heard about the incident at Qana, where 56 people were killed, 34 of them being children but had not seen any pictures.

In the paper, there was a picture courtesty of the AP which showed a dead child covered with ash from the demolished buildings. Being a father now, I was almost driven to tears by this image. I suppose that as a father things like these have more of an effect because you put yourself in the situation and it makes you sick to your stomach to think if this were your own child.

This kind of tragedy is to be expected during war, as General William Tecumseh Sherman said, “War is hell.” Not quite, but close enough when one sees images like the one I saw this morning. The outrage coming from a culture which employs children for their nefarious purposes is pretty hollow.

How can you indoctrinate children in hatred and use them as suicide bombers then cry foul when they are killed in war? Is the outrage because you saw children die without taking some Israelis with them? God will have mercy on those children’s souls but not on those who use them as pawns to achieve political agendas.


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