Big Tobacco: the Perfect Business Model

A co-worker and I were taking about sales today and I for some reason or another thought of companies like Philip Morris, yeah the cigarette people.  These guys are making money hand over fist even though their product are detrimental to one’s health.

That’s not even the worst part of it.  I think, not sure, that they’re not even allowed to advertise their product on TV or even print media.  If this were forced upon any other company (like Apple) this would probably put a dent in their revenue.

So not only can PM not advertise but they also put out ads on how bad their product is!?!?  Can you imagine if Apple did this with their iPods and Macs?  Instead of U2 trumpeting the hipness of iTunes, we’d have the spectacled one telling kids about the harmful effects of listening to their iPods 24/7, I can’t imagine that Jobs would be too happy with this.

I guess it speaks to how deep PM has their claws in nicotine addicts that they’re able to not advertise and speak ill of cigs while still retaining the capability to make beaucoups of cash.


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