Aslan, Harry Potter, Frodo and the Force

I’m currently reading CS Lewis’ masterpiece, “The Chronicles of Narnia.” Only read the first 2 books, and I fail to see how it can get any better. The 2nd book beautifully presents the Gospel message, critics nonwithstanding. I say critics because they exists on both sides.

Some heathen claim Lewis wasn’t pointing to Jesus Christ with the character of Aslan and the story shouldn’t be seen as allegorical. On the other side, some Christians dismiss the tale as subtle attempts to indoctrinate young ones with the normalization of ‘magic.’

Which brings me to Harry Potter. I used to read Harry Potter (finished the half-blood prince) until I realized what it was, an attempt to introduce magic to kids by making it hip. I believe Christians who read Harry Potter are in error (worse yet if they read it to their kids), but in cases like this it’s better that everyone is convinced in their own minds (or is it?. I defer to 14th Chapter of Paul’s letter to the Romans.

So what’s the difference between Narnia and Potter? Or even Lord of the Rings? I’ve been asking myself the latter question since those movies came out. I thoroughly enjoyed the LOTR trilogy but what is the difference between it and Harry Potter? Why stop there, let’s go to Star Wars, of which I’m a huge fan of?

So many questions…

4 Responses to Aslan, Harry Potter, Frodo and the Force

  1. Jesus Christ says:

    Dear ********,

    Please stop telling people what you think I want them to do. Clearly, you have understood nothing of my teachings. You are not alone in that failing. If I had it to do all over again, I’d pry myself off that cross (hey, I’m God, after all. I can do whatever I want!) and deprive you and your legion of ********* with the only weapon in your pathetic arsenal: a false sense of moral superiority. I couldn’t help noticing that your condemnations of some things (Harry Potter, for instance, of which I am a huge fan) and your simultaneous embrace of similar entertainments (Star Wars) renders you a raging hypocrite. And for future reference, please stop passing judgment on others; that’s my job.

    Your pal,
    Jesus H. Christ

  2. Lazaro says:

    LOL… Hey 3PO, isn’t it against your programming to impersonate a deity?

    Clearly when someone gets this emotional, reason is the first casualty… Friend, I never told people what to do, I suggest you read the post, I merely gave an opinion, 2 different things…

    Speaking of condemnation, aren’t you condemning the things you think I said? Isn’t that judgmental and intolerant?

    Btw, I am a hypocrite (who isn’t) but probably not for the reason you mention…

  3. who knows. says:

    ignorance makes me so angry.

    but then, ignorance is bliss?

    enjoy your ignorance, because one person’s pain is another person’s pleasure.

    j.k. rowling, c.s. lewis, tolkien, pullman. all talented writers, all enjoyed by children. i see nothing wrong in any of them if people enjoy them.


    (clearly) a masochistic blog reader.

  4. Laz says:

    Funny being called “ignorant” (which I might very well be) by someone calling himself “who knows”.

    Just because people enjoy something it doesn’t make it right.

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