No rules, just right… relationship, that is

CS Lewis writes in Mere Christianity:

“What God cares about is not exactly our actions.  What he cares about is that we should be creatures of a certain kind or quality–the kind of creatures He intended us to be–creatures related to himself in a certain way.” (emphasis mine)

The relationship between slave-master is one based on merit and hard work.  The relationship between father-son is based on love (ideally anyways.)  So long as God is viewed as a master only caring about us so long as we follow a bunch of rules, we are not in a right relationship to Him.  This kind of view is a distortion of the teachings of Jesus Christ, after all He gave us the opportunity to become children of God not slaves of God.

Quite frankly this is what sets Christianity apart from other religions.  Other religions are about just that, religion.  What kind of work can I do to put myself in God’s favor?  This involves effort on one’s part.  How can I put God in my debt, so He can repay me and tell me what a ‘good’ person I am?  This point of view (postmodernism nonwithstanding) is wrong and it’s one of Satan’s most convincing lies.  Isn’t that kind of harsh?  No, what can we possible bring to God that isn’t His to begin with?  What can we give to a Being who is all powerful and all knowing?  NOTHING!!!

Of course being in THE (not a) right relationship with God involves faith in Jesus Christ (John 14:6), P.C. or not this is Reality.  Saying that you follow Christ will be evidenced by obeying his commands.  Now wait a minute, I thought it wasn’t about our actions.  That’s right it isn’t, but how seriously will I be taken if I claim to love and follow Christ yet ignore what He has to say?  


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